This is a new page all about the knicks and knacks of what I found in Sydney or overseas ! Hope you enjoy the reviews and hope they’re useful to you!

If you follow me on instagram (@aleesssee) you would have seen a photos of different skincare products.

There’s one thing you need to know about me, and that is, I am an absolute SUCKER for packaging.

Bright letters, monochrome, fancy font? You have me.

In 2014, I worked everyday, either attending full time uni or my part- time job and the stress levels has really placed a toll on my skin.

I felt that my skin needed a breather from all the chemicals and harsh substances that I had been putting on my face for a couple of years, so thus began my journey onto organic skincare ranges.
Don’t get me wrong, sometimes I’m sceptical about these things, but I thought (and what does help me on deciding  a product) is raving reviews on them.
I love skincare. I love trying out new products and ranges and the journey to find the products to suit my skin has not come to an end yet. I’ve come close, but nothing that has stuck.

My skin is combination to dry – so I usually break out in my T- zone. The occasional ones around my mouth- but that’s usually hormonal reasons so I can’t really do much about them.

This post is about my top skin care products at the moment and what I have been using lately.

Note; These are my personal opinions and may or may not work on you as our skin are all different. 

I purchased Ole Henriksen’s THE WORKS EDITION

Collection Includes
  • african red tea foaming cleanser 1.5oz/45ml,


  • truth serum collagen booster 0.5oz/15ml


  • pure truth youth activating oil 0.5oz/15ml


  • sheer transformation 0.5oz/15ml


  • lemon strip flash peel .5oz/15ml


This small kit has absolutely improved my skin alot. The scarring across my T-zone has definitely faded and my skin is more supply and soft.
The African tea cleanser smells amazing but dries out my skin, especially on the cheeks.
The Truth serum and activating oil (rose hip oil) combined left my skin feeling refreshed the very next day after sleeping. These two products are my absolute favourite of the kit and would purchase again! Too bad Sephora sold out.
Sheer transformation is the moisturiser; It has a thick consistency and quite hydrating although I am not a fan of its scent. I felt that the serum and oil hydrated my skin more than the moisturiser.
The lemon strip flash peel also smells great! Unfortunately, I haven’t seen any changes to my skin when I use it so it is just an average product for me.

Price: $48.00 USD For the Kit : I think it was the best deal ever!
Products: 4/5 I am so impressed with the serum and oil – my acne scars have reduced significantly and whenever I put the serum and oil on, my face would be glowing the next day!

All photos obtained  from the Ole Henriksen website. 


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