Qudo Cafe – Bellingen

Oh my!

It certainly has been a while!

It’s been a hectic year – resuming studying, working and planning.

Planning you ask?

Planning for Europe of course!
It’ll be my first Christmas and New Year’s overseas, so I am super excited plus I’ve literally worked myself to death this year so its time for a holiday.

Thought I might update you all on an amazing little cafe my friends and I found in Bellingen.
If you didn’t know, Bellingen is a town 30 minutes away from Coffs Harbour – which I describe is a mix of country and hipster. Its quaint and I absolutely adore this place.

Qudo just recently opened after a year of renovating and has an amazing vibe of country and relaxation. Great for busy city people who can really enjoy and relax.


Also, the food is delicious. I am a lover of Japanese food, so when the waitress told us that we could have sushi for breakfast I almost died in my chair.

The menu is substantial and has katsu burgers for lunch, quinoa with coconut with chia agedashi tofu. Um hello? Does that not say enough?

We were all obsessed with the Temari (hand rolls) on the menu – although they were a little on the expensive side, boy did the food combinations make up for it. The ingredients were fresh and so spring like!

Featuring: Pumpkin temari, fried haloumi and japanese hash brown.


This plate was the salmon with japanese hash brown and apple salad. It screams fresh and stays absolutely true to the ingredients. Fluffy hash browns and well dressed salad for a super hot day.



The cheesecake was smooth, light and the cream welcomed extra creaminess on the palate. Oh my.

TIP: Please get the Kokkore temari (Japanese hash brown) or croquette. These are my loves, they are fluffy potato goodness that has been fried to perfection.
I ate so many croquettes in Japan last year it was unbelievable, and these brought me back.



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