Suzie’s Restaurant

Lane Cove’s newest restaurant presents Modern Australian food with hints of European flair.

Suzie’s has an a la carte menu as well as a degustation menu with matching wines.
Despite the restaurant being located on the main strip, the atmosphere is extraordinarily soothing and relaxed.

Amuse Bouche – Complimentary amuse bouche came out first, although slightly over reduced, the tomato soup had a big hit of herbs and perfect balance between salty and sweet.


Entree – Scallop Two Ways


This dish consisted of a Scallop tortellini with pan seared scallops and mushroom foam on top.
The pastry was delicate and smooth, and had a slight chewiness and springy texture to it. On top the ravioli was the mushroom foam which was airy and light in flavour, but just enough to give it a hint of earthiness. The mirepoix was a nice addition to the dish, giving colour and freshness however there was a slight salty aftertaste from the sauce.
The seared scallops were excellently pan-seared and had a great caramelisation on the skin.


The beetroot salad had some complimentary elements, however the raw beetroot and radish itself was quite hard and not ripe enough to eat. The pickling added a nice brightness to the dish and the goats cheese mousse was light, creamy and was paired perfectly with the rest of the ingredients. Super fresh.

Mains – Confit Petuna Ocean Trout , Roasted Duck Breast


Wow. The smoked seafood broth and confit ocean trout is the most amazing pairing I have ever had. The trout was definitely the best piece of fish I have ever eaten. Tender, juicy and perfectly cooked, the smokiness of the broth only brought out the sweetness of the fish itself. This was a perfect dish that made seafood the hero.


The duck breast was also cooked to perfection, the parsnip puree well-seasoned and jus had solid flavour, colour and perfectly reduced.
This dish was texturally brilliant – soft duck breast, crunchy polenta soldiers and a slightly tangy carrot salad.

Sides: Baby leaf salad

You’d think a baby leaf salad wouldn’t be anything special but the balance of yoghurt dressing, sweetness of the pear and the caramelised hazelnuts and walnuts made this salad a clear winner. I’d order it as a main if I could.

Desserts – Poached pear Mille-Feuille


Check out those layers. Buttery and flaky, this was hands down one of the best Mille-Feuille I’ve ever had.

The poached pear had a lovely fragrance of spices (Cardamon, cinnamon, staranise) and was perfectly poached.

Chocolate garden – crushed nuts, rose gel, dark chocolate mousse; matcha

This is quite a rich dish and could benefit from a citrus curd being underneath. The mousse itself was a lovely chocolate element (perhaps too much though!) and the tartness of the sorbet cut through that richness of the mousse. I loved the idea of digging into the garden and finding the rose gel underneath which gave a more fragrant flavour overall.


This place is definitely worth checking out. I’ll also be back to try their other menu items!

Happy eating ! 🙂


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