Melbourne with Alice

Can’t believe the Long weekend is already over!
This trip to Melbourne was designed for me to eat as much as I can. And yes, I fulfilled my dream!

Of course, there are still many cafes and restaurants I wish to go to, so I’ll be back Melbourne. I love you so much šŸ™‚

So here was my itinery!

Day 1: Hardware societe

I was not disappointed and only waited 20 minutes in line (what?).

Although the duck confit doesn’t beat the one I had in Paris (Okay, who are we kidding, duck confit in Paris) but this came pretty close compared to all the other one’s i have tried.

The meat was pull-a-part off the bone, albeit a tiny bit tough. The sauce had a great texture, smooth and glossy, but slightly salty. Potato gratin was well seasoned and tender. All the ingredients combined made a great dish, but individually had a few let downs.

I was also impressed with the Continental breakfast – the vanilla yoghurt was killer. Vanilla beans throughout the yoghurt, not overly sweet and had a smooth and creamy texture. I was a little disappointed in the croissant though..a little tough and was not warm!! The little orange juice was super cute and fresh, the mandarins sour but I mixed it in with the yoghurt so ended up being fantastic.

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Om Nom

Hands down, the best service I have ever received.

Also bloody delicious desserts.

Cinnamon sugared churros, chocolate ‘gravel’, pistachio + chocolate sponge, chocolate icecream, valhrona manjari 64% mousse + milk foam

The absolutely prettiest dessert I have come across. There was texture, flavour, and the addition of popping rocks was a great novelty to the dish. The white chocolate dome was quite rich and the churros and ice cream surprisingly balanced out the richness of the chocolate.

We had the matching wine with this dessert and boy, was it strong and delicious. Highly recommended.


Raspberry FieldĀ 
Raspberry + lychee sorbet, baked meringue, raspberry pannacotta, rosewater pearls + white chocolate (gf)

This was a joy to eat. Refreshing, not overly sweet and had a lovely fragrance with the rose water pearls.

This was our pick of the two due to its refreshing nature. The balance of flavours and the subtle aromatic bites within the dish. This of course, was a more simple dish compared to the chocolate terrarium, but even my partner (who is an avid lover of chocolate) preferred this dish.Ā DSC07178DSC07177

DAY 2:


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This restaurant was recommended to me and was a little bit of a

splurge. Despite the food being quite delicious and the sashimi, incredibly fresh, the service was a little lacking.

Ordered: Nobu Bento box – the black miso cod is no joke. Melt in your mouth and great flavours. The seared tuna was perfect and the prawns were also cooked to perfection with heavy garlic sauce.
It came out so quickly too!! Great aside from the fact that I had pretty much finished mine before the sushi bento box came out.

The sushi box was not as impressive as the Nobu box in terms of flavour but it did have all the fresh fish in it too.

Beef tataki – now this dish was incredible. Thinly sliced beef with a delicious sauce (too much perhaps) as there was quite an acidic aftertaste to it. The garlic chips on top were heavenly. Crunchy and garlicky.

Now onto the service, other than the Ā extreme delay in bringing out the sushi bento box, the waiters were generally helpful and friendly. There was a waiter who mumbled , by mumbled I mean, I could not hear a single thing he said whenever he brought out our dishes.


You won’t be disappointed by the Laksa.

Aromatic with a good amount of chilli and coconut, the Laksa was steaming, hot and absolutely perfect for the 10 degrees we were facing. The roti on the other hand was microwaved and ended up being hard as a rock. Not fresh and definitely not worth the stomach space.

The hainanese chicken was also a little disappointing. The chicken itself was tender but the rice could have done with more flavour.

Overall the Laksa King is the place to go for Laksa.



I am so utterly disappointed in what I had at Kettle Black.

All those raving reviews and I was SO KEEN to just get in and have some delicious food.

But there were quite a few faults I found the day I went.

Cape Grim Beef – This dish was a combination of textures and flavours. Some worked, and some didn’t. The worst taste was definitely the raisin jam (?) that was smeared on a corner of the bread. It was extremely bitter and I was pretty glad that they only put a smidget of it on.

The bread itself wasn’t awful. It definitely wasn’t the softest brioche bun I have had but it definitely could have been fluffier and lighter.


Polenta porridge – An incredibly healthy grain and extremely filling. I could only finish half the bowl due to its fibre qualities and the taste.
The maple syrup is a definite must for this dish. The porridge by itself is bland and unseasoned and quite thick.

The basil on top provided an interesting ‘fresh’ concept but not a flavour that I loved with the rest of this dish.



Matcha cheese cake , Raspberry macaron

The matcha cheesecake had a lovely smooth texture with a great cheese flavour to it. The matcha could have been more pronounced in this dish but overall not overly sweet,

Our favourite was the macaron – also refreshing and had a bit more fun and bursts of flavour and texture. The macaron was crispy which was a pity as I felt it could have benefited from a little chewiness in the shell.

Belle’s Fried ChickenĀ 

There is a Belle’s pop up shop in Sydney which I much preferred.

The Belle’s in Melbourne is completely packed and slow on service. The coating of the chicken and the fries were not even so I had bits of complete saltiness and blandness. The chicken was juicy but unfortunately that’s where it stops.

I definitely think the Sydney shop takes much more care in coating and delivering a stronger and more refined version.




If you have not tried these amazing burgers, you need one quick stat.
Okay, they definitely are a required taste but I personally think they are one of the best creations made. Cheap and delicious.

The kaarage chilli chicken is my pick.

The soft shell crab and beef is not bad either. The batter of the soft shell crab slightly overpowered the crab flavour and the beef was well cooked but lacking in depth of flavour.


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