Mana Chita

Ethiopian food: my new found love.

Mana Chita in Coff’s Harbour is a gem of its own. This place has well priced and flavoursome food- something you rarely find these days. It also a little love story behind it which captures your heart even more. That’s a story for next time, unless you really want to hear it (it’s super cute).

Moving onto the food though-


Duba Kufa – fried pumpkin and rice ball. It was quite close to an arancini except it was creamy and incredibly fluffy in the middle. It was served with a dipping sauce of yoghurt and chilli, be warned though, that dip was hot. HOT. Since the boy and I love the spiciness, we mopped it up in no time.


Injera – This is the traditional Ethiopian, spongy and sour pancake used to dip into the curry. This dish requires a few days as the batter which only consists of ground teff and water  must be fermented before cooking.

It was a bit of a shock to me when I fast tasted the pancake. It was on the cold side and the sourness is quite prominent but it was delicious and perfect when you lathered a chunk of the curry sauce on it.


Keta Bread – a simple  flat bread dusted with rosemary. It was the perfect side dish to mop up the saucy goodness of the goat curry we ordered.


I have had a few curry dishes in my short lived life, but oh boy, this goat dish was tender, juicy and another melt-in-your-mouth. Cooked with tomato ,onion and spices, this classic dish is one of Mana Chinta’s best-sellers.

The sauce is thinner and more watery than an Indian or Afghani curry but the meat was definitely the highlight.

You cannot go wrong with this dish. GET UP TO COFFS AND TRY IT.



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