Easter Feast


Hope you all had a fantastic Easter!

My friends and I became super lazy over the weekend so we ended up eating out half the time.

First stop: Lox Stock and Barrell


‘ So Bondi’ as one of my friends would say. Homemade almond and soy milk, house made bread (their bagels are sensational) and jam. This place is  for fresh, local produce with simple combinations. Absolutely delicious.


Poppy seed bagel with homemade jam & platter (salad, hash, pickles)

Fluffy hash, blended with onion and lightly friend to a crispy perfection. Packed full of flavour and if you haven’t had it, definitely try some LOX with it.

Zucchini Omelette – if you aren’t a chilli lover, this isn’t for you. This omelette is PACKED of jalapenos. Spicy and creamy, this omelette was also well seasoned, and cooked perfectly.



Pho is love. Pho is life.

Meaty, fatty broth with thin slices of meat and al dente flat rice noodles.
I love loading it up with Thai mint, bean sprouts and a touch of lemon to add some tang and herbal flavours to the soup.

The meat itself at PHD was not the most fresh, and some bites turned out to be quite tough. However, the brisket and tripe were soft and cooked perfectly.


Grilled pork chop with Tomato rice.

I was a little disappointed with the tomato rice, it just didn’t have the sour and sweet flavour that it should have.


STOP THREE. cow & moon.

Please don’t shoot me.

But i really do prefer Cow and Moon over Messina. Cow & moon gelato just has that smooth, classic flavour that isn’t overly sweet. Although Messina does have quirky flavours and I do thoroughly enjoy them, I think Cow & moon trumps them on that.


Award winning Affogato. Crunchy biscuit, toffee pieces with a slight caramel flavour over their vanilla base. Drool.

White nectarine sorbet – I was not a fan at first but it grew on me after a few bites. It was very refreshing and barely sweet.


Definitely had way too much food over the Easter Break.

AH. No Shame.



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