Hem Nine Nine


Hem Nine Nine is one of the latest kids on the block to bring out authentic street Vietnamese food. The 18hr bone marrow pho is the signature dish at Hem and a heads up, it is indeed one of their best dishes.



Pork belly on Mantou – unfortunately, this bun ($6) was cold, chewy and quite disappointing. There was not alot of pork belly inside the bun so all I had was cold bread and a bit of pork.


In contrast, were the lemongrass chicken skewers. Juicy, refreshing and cooked to perfection. Personally, I felt it could have been more citrusy but the meaty juices were oozing so no complaints there.

Now for the best two dishes.

The pho. A perfect balance between sweet and savoury in the stock. For you chilli lovers, 2 chillis is perfect, with a small squeeze of lemon and the fragrance of the Thai mint, golden.  At $16, it was quite a small bowl of pho but extremely delicious. The stock is definitely one of my favourites but I always seem to drift back to the cheaper and bigger bowls of pho…and they are just as good. P1180978P1180982

The most surprising dish of all was their prawn, pork belly, green mango salad. Crunchy, creamy, cold and also a perfect balance of sweet and savoury, this dish was the winner. As I’ve said before, its all about the texture.

Don’t forget Doughnut Time in Glebe!

I couldn’t leave without my burnt butter doughnut. Mm…


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