Tokyo Eats

Tokyo. Some of the best food and cheap might I add. Only if you do the work and find it !

4-8-5 Jingumae, Shibuya 150-0001, Tokyo Prefecture

Rated 1st in tripadvisor.
Pros: Lunch deals are cheap
Free refills on cabbage and rice
Tastes amazing
Cons: Long lines
To get the cheap lunch deals, menu is in Japanese.

Though we just pointed and its worked in our favour 2/2 times.

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There was something unique about the crumb of the katsu. It was flaky, crunchy,  with barely any oil aftertaste.

The meat was juicy, tender and I was glad to be biting into a hearty chunk of meat instead of eating the thin slices you usually find in Japan.

This place is a must !
“10/10 recommend”

Marunaka Building, 3-7-3 Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan

This is not your conventional yakitori. Saiseisakaba serves Horumonyaki, the concept of eating the offals of the animals. Don’t be alarmed. They were absolutely delicious. It’s the textural difference that makes this type of food unique.


You’ve got soft, chewy spleens, crunchy pig trachea and even, if you’re too queasy for me to go on, just simple loin bacon.


This restaurant is a stand up restaurant, you can either eat outside on the tables or stand among the grill and enjoy watching the chefs prepare your skewer.


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The fantastic thing about this place is also how cheap the skewers were!
The skewers ranged from a price of $1.50 to $3.50 depending on the quality of the cut but either way, you won’t be disappointed.

Japan, 〒151-0051 Tokyo, Shibuya, Sendagaya, 5−24−2

We were intending to go all you can eat shabu shabu (we did eventually on my last day) but or some reason, they don’t serve all you can eat on weekends (watch out!) but next door was Tsunahachi, a restaurant known for their expensive tempura.

Being on a budget, there was no way I was spending $40 on a plate of tempura so we opted for a lunch deal  which included tempura of vegetables and ebi with rice and miso soup for $12 and tempura-don for just a little less.


The tempura was not too oily, crunchy and had the use of fresh ingredients, I was not exactly blown away by it. Definitely would not have paid $40 for it. But lunch deal was filling and definitely worth my money.

They say good tempura is when you see if there are any oil drips on the paper they rest on. There was a fair amount of oil – more than I expected for $40 a plate but…it definitely was not the worst.

IMG_1591Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetIMG_1584IMG_1585IMG_1588

Silly Alice. Forgets to write down the name of this Ramen Place. I will always remember how to get there, but the name beats me. I can’t find it anywhere.

This gem.

That pork. Roasted and grilled before serving. It had the perfect proportions of fat and meat and the succulence of each bite was extraordinary. Honestly, I had no idea what I ordered, but it was one of the best ramens I’ve ever had. The noodle in Tokyo seemed to be the thickest as with the broth.
The broth itself had a strong fish stew aroma but when you had it, there was no fishiness or any hint of seafood. The broth was deeply concentrated and had such bold deep flavours of soy and pork combined.

Ramen on a winter’s night

900 yen – can get you a small, medium or large. There was an extra large that I saw a customer had and boy…was that gigantic. That was about 3 servings of noodles.
SIgh* if you know the place…PLEASE LET ME KNOW.


This sushi place was found in Takashimaya Building Food Court in Shibuya. This tiny sushi restaurant served cheap, fresh sushi that apparently came from the Tsukiji Fish markets. The Chirashi- don was great for its price. Load of seafood for $15. The prawn was delicate, sweet and incredible sense of flavour oozed from it. I don’t usually eat the brain either but wow, there was no sense of fishiness at all.



Now, I did mention the cafe hopping in Tokyo and KYOTO might I mention. Surprising huh?

Listed are the ones I’ve visited and are in the order of my favourites.

  1. Aoyama Flower Markets
  2. Gotran Cherrier Patisserie
  3. Suzu Cafe
  4. Streamer Coffee
  5. Viron Bakery

I am going to dedicate an entire post on Aoyama because its honestly my dream place to live.

Gontran Cherrier Patisserie

This place is hands down one of the best bakeries I have ever been too. Yes its even better than Paul’s in Paris. Sorry to all you fans, but Gotran’s Pan au Chocolat floored the ones by Paul’s.


Gontran Cherrier is a celebrity baker from Paris who has opened up multiple boulangeries in the world. This fourth-generation baker and patissier is known for working at l’Arpege in Paris and GUESS WHAT?? Rumours have it that he will be opening a bakery in Melbourne. HELLO. (mmm..all that Adele reference).

The Japanese are known for their love of baking and pastries and many go over to Paris to learn.

There are a large amount of bakeries in Japan and you will often to see quite a large amount of French desserts influenced by Japanese flavours.

Suzu Cafe

This place is a little hard to find – being hidden inside a building on the 4th floor or something. But, what you would expect here would be comfort food such as pasta, rice, salads and cakes. A bonus is that they are absolutely reasonably priced!

Drink and Main and a small slice of cake was $12!!!! Yes, believe it.

Green Thai Curry

I can’t fault this one. Chicken Green Thai curry with rice.
Not as spicy as it could have been but the flavour was sweet, more aromatic due to the herbs although a little watery.

Salmon, wasabi avocado Pasta

THIS COMBO WORKS. I mean, what could go wrong with salmon, wasabi and avocado on sushi but in pasta? The sauce was wasabi cream and the pasta was tossed in cooked salmon and avocado. Slightly odd but delicious. The wasabi was not too overpowering but had a good kick and the salmon was cooked just enough to easily break down with my fork and still retain its flavour in the pasta.

Streamer Coffee

Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset
Green tea, white chocolate, espresso

I’m all for coffee. But not a huge fan of paying $10 for a cup. To their defense, the coffee was served in (I swear) a soup mug, so that’s about 4 shots of coffee. Nothing special , great coffee with a slight sweet tang after taste. Due to that size, I still thought it was a touch milky but otherwise one of the better ones in Tokyo. The green tea espresso is Streamer Coffee’s signature and it was absolutely spot on! Still not worth my $10. Maybe $6/$7.

At first, the taste was mediocre and the Boy and I were not impressed.

Though essentially, we figured out that we wouldn’t be able to finish 4 coffees between the two of us so we decided to take it away and the difference was phenomenal. Obviously pouring the drink had mixed up the flavours more solidly and we could taste green tea, the chocolate AND the coffee. Good stuff.

I’m not going to post up Viron because well…it was mediocre and poor service.  Coffee was average as well. Expensive.


Aside from the ALL YOU CAN EAT SHABU SHABU and that one night at Maccas, there’s nothing really else.


Like the all you can eat shabu shabu. Yes. $20 for 70min. We definitely ate our money’s worth.
Aoyama is coming up next!


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