Cre A Sion

Apparently I haven’t blogged about this place yet according to my friends so here goes.
I have loved this place since 2011, the moment my friend took me here to show case their amazing macaron flavours.

Also very sad the ‘Dear Chris’ flavour was not there this time.

Cre A Sion in my opinion, serves one of the greatest green tea latte’s but there are a few contenders which come very close to it!


They have come a long way, from their sweets and coffee serving days to a breakfast and lunch menu.

Always glad to see a change in the menu.

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The current menu includes options of yoghurt, museli and berries, scrambled eggs and hearty sandwiches which are inspired by some traditional Japanese flavours.

The bread Cre asion used were fresh and ever so fragrant. The flavours of each combination were unique and packed quite a punch.

I especially loved the chicken sandwich with chilli pickled asian mushroom, iceberg lettuce, zucchini, white sesame and wasabi mayo. There was the right about of tang from those pickled veggies and the sandwich was gladly not overdrenched with mayo. I have a thing about mayo being overly rich and ends up giving my stomach a turnover but the amount of mayo and the balance between the spicy hit of wasabi was just enough to add an extra dimension to the sandwich. Makes it ever more interesting.

Matcha Bingsu
Matcha Fondant

The winner of the desserts was definitely the fondant. The bingsu was a little on the watery side and classically, the flavour combinations work but definitely not as prominent in taste.

The fondant was gooey centred, and I adored the drooling mix of matcha syrup and chocolate cake. Mmm…

Will be back of course! Hope you all have tried the new additions to the menu!


Café Cre Asion Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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