Pho Pasteur

i love Vietnamese food. Its just so fresh, full of deep flavours and has sweet and savoury tastes all in one mouthful.


Pork sausage with vermicelli

The pork sausages were slightly sweet with a hint of lemongrass – these sausages have a slightly more chewy texture rather than the regular sausages you find the supermarket. Despite that, .they were still very tender and not overly oily. The dressing though, is of fabulous quality and balance. Sweet, sour and chilli. It is worth going back for.

Large: Beef pho

The soup base of this bowl is one of the sweeter ones I have tasted, I prefer mine to be more ‘spiced’. the noodles were thinner but had the ‘al dente’ texture nailed down. Usually I find my noodles all mushed up and gooey in the soup. Bleugh. The beef itself was just okay. Definitely have had better and definitely have had worst.

Grilled pork chop with rice

I’m not sure if it was the sheer hunger I was facing when I was eating this dish but this was a sure winner. Juicy and covered with some sort of marinade – the pork was perfect.

You might think these are all just simple dishes – and they are! But they certainly are wholesome, fresh and cheap too.
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