Pilu at Freshwater

This gorgeous, homely cottage sits right beside the beach and has the most stunning views…even when its bucketing outside.



Butter with fish oil
Linseed cracker with parmesan cream, paprika

The cream was light and had a sharp and edgy flavour on a very delicate crispbread.

Granchio, cavolfiore, rafano, lardo e capperi – Spanner crab, cauliflower, horseradish, lard and capers

Chewy, crunchy and absolutely a delight to look at. It was a delicate dish, very light in flavour but still refined. There was a clear burst of freshness from the crab and a slight twang from the horseradish.


Brodo di Percorino, fregola, pastinaca e cavolo nero – Pecorino consomme, hand rolled fregola, parsnip and cavolo nero

The consomme itself was made from Sardinian pecorino, poured over fregola (cous-cous like). It was warm, homey and extremely comforting especially on such a cold day. The consomme wasn’t overpowering and the beans and peas just added a light and chewy texture to the dish.

Squid ink malloreddus, calamari, pencil leeks, eggplant, chilli and Pilu Bottarga

One of my favourites, though a little on the salty side. The pasta was cooked perfectly and was nicely paired with the calamari and vegetables. What was the most stunning out of the this dish, was the chilli paste that was so thinly painted on the side. I love interactive dishes, mixing all that goodness into more chilli goodness.

Mulloway, globe artichokes, rapini and onion crumble


Oh my word. That balsamic and onion crumble on top of the fish smelt absolutely divine. Sour, sweet, omg my nose was blown away. ( Forgive me, I did not intend to use the pun but what the hell).

Unfortunately, the flavour was definitely not as strong as the smell. The fish was a tad overcooked and chewy, the rapini was incredibly bitter! It did however, go really well with the fish.

Porcetto arrosto – Free range roasted suckling pig

Hands down. Best dish. Best suckling pig. The skin was thin, crunchy and didn’t have the classic fatty flavour you get from a crackling..but it was still delicious! Olive tapenade was great, beetroot relish was balanced perfectly. The turnip was bloody great. Pickled, sweet, sour, salty, you name it. It had it.

Cappello del prete, ortiche, capperi, macadamia e rape – Black Angus Oyster blade, stinging nettles, capers, macadamia and turnips

Also a little salty, the meat itself was juicy but not as tender as it could have been.


Parsley granita, lemon curd and nashi pear

I am NOT  a big parsley hero person. Boy, did this dish prove me wrong. Light and incredibly refreshing, who knew parsley and nashi pear went together?!

The parsley flavour was very strong but the sweetness of the dehydrated nashi and the pear itself balanced out the ‘greeny’ taste you sometimes get.

Seadas ripiena di ricotta con miele di Corbezzolo – Sardinian fried pastry filled with ricotta and sultanas, served with honey

Traditional Sardinian dessert. Yes.
I thought it was drenched with a little too much honey but everything else was spot on. Not over fried, ricotta and sultana filling was tasty and sweet. The candied orange just freshened up this dessert and cut through the creaminess of the filling.

Overall thoughts?
Absolutely loved it. It was such a cosy and homely meal, which struck me quite strongly at the end. The service was fantastic. All the waiters were incredibly friendly and I had the most amazing time up there.

P.S. Their wine list is a monster. Amazing.

Thank you Pilu!
I’ll be back for sure and hopefully be able to check out the views on a sunny day!

Til next time!
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