Textbook Boulangerie Pattiserie

I will get my hands on that Apple Crumble.

I had the lovely opportunity to go to Textbook in Alexandria and treated to myself, obviously, a selection of tarts and a chicken pesto sandwich (not pictured). I hadn’t eaten that day and scoffed that baby down before cameras were even out. All 4 of them. I profusely apologise to the staff for the amount of camera’s on their table. Also the time I took to decide which tarts I wanted. I honestly wanted to take all of them home.



Green tea, mild and slightly floral.

IMG_0376 IMG_0381 IMG_0363 IMG_0371

They have the cutest interior design (massive wood lover over here!).

Lemon Meringue Tart

The lemon curd on the tart was a little hard for my liking. It came off the biscuit base which was also hard to cut through, but still buttery and crumbly. The curd itself is on the sweeter side, but there was not alot of meringue which didn’t make it over-sickeningly sweet.

The vanilla, strawberry & mint tart was a mousse textured cake. The flavours of berries were bursting out when I got to the middle. There was a lot more of the outer layer compared to the inside which was a shame. I didn’t taste any mint at all as well.

Caramelised Pear Walnut Tart

My favourite tart of all the three I ate. Chocolatey, crunchy and crispy base (like actually, I dug my spoon into it and it went everywhere. I swear I lost a good portion of it on the table. Cry. )

The caramelisation was aromatic and brought out the flavours of the walnut and pear even more. An absolute stunner.

I will be back for more. I assure you.

Til next time!


(Aesthetic Management)

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