Masterchef is the worst. Every year I am introduced to these creative, genius chefs who come up with crazy ideas with food.

So when it was time for the pressure test and out comes this pumpkin gnocchi with mushroom consomme developed by Grant King from Gastro Park, there ended my streak of saving for Japan.
Massive fan girl moment at the end when I saw him and he said ‘thank you for coming’. I obviously was cool, calm and collected when he said that, but I did have to go outside with my sister to shriek and jump a bit. Oops.

Excuse my poor photo quality. It was 9pm and I was starving.


Snacks: Kingfish sashimi w/…..sorry guys, I just dug in. But that little clay, soil looking thing was damn crunchy! Kingfish sashimi was fresh, at room temperature and started off a super great meal.

Wagyu beef wrapped around breadstick with pecorino cheese.


This was oddly good. Who knew breadsticks and wagyu worked together? Crunchy, soft and cheesy.

Foie gras, cherry, rhubarb, toasted grain


The foie gras was smooth and had a supple, rich taste. The cherry vinaigrette was extremely sour and strong though. The rhubarb was incredibly sweet and the toasted grain tasted more like puffed barley. Yet, with all those strong flavours, the entire dish was balanced well..maybe less sauce next time.

Roast scallops, cauliflower tofu, lobster sauce

This baby was mopped up in a heartbeat. Perfectly cooked scallops, and that tiny carrot was incredibly sweet. Crunchy (seriously, this place does crunch like no other), soft, you name it. The lobster sauce was deep in flavour and if I could have licked the bowl, I would have.

Crispy scaled wild jewfish, parsnip, roast bone sauce

Again, crunch factor was out of the roof. The fish was quite delicate, a little chewy but the parsnip and roast bone sauce was absolutely spot on. Well seasoned, fried to goodness and just delicious.

BBQ duck breast, caramelised soy & mustard, jerusalem artichoke, local mushroom

This was definitely the let down out of the entire menu. Overall, tasted like Peking duck. Not that it’s a bad thing but I can really, almost, get that at any chinese restaurant. The duck was slightly chewy for me (I know, look at that pink flesh!) and unfortunately underwhelmed by it.



This. Is. The. Best. Dish.

It’s literally how they described it on Masterchef. Those delicate balls of pumpkin soup, POPPED with even the slightest amount of pressure. The mushroom consomme was incredibly deep in flavour, Watch out though, my sister got the consomme from the bottom of the jug and it was a little salty but mine was perfection. PERFECTION.
I have made a ‘DISHES FOR LIFE’ list, that is, dishes deemed so worthy to me that I hug the bowl.
It’s happened twice. Once at Quay – the snow egg. I was hugging the damn thing, eating and crying about how I never wanted the snow egg to end.
Two. This dish. I hugged the empty bowl after. Weird, I know. Hey, I’m a musician.

Chocolate, honeycomb & vanilla sphere, cardamom, saffron, ginger

The shell was crispy, delicate and just ugh, chocolate. Already amazing. The most amazing thing was the the sauce of spices that pooled out of that sphere. Foodporn. Beware.

It was not too rich, and there was a kick of icy texture – super refreshing.



Thank you for the sourdough as well! House baked and absolutely delicious 🙂


Could I happen to take like..30 of the gnocchi’s take away please?

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2 thoughts on “Gastropark

  1. ooh i love gastro park’s gnocchi! it’s been much too long since my last visit and now your post has me dying to return!

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