Kobe Jones

Lollipop Sushi- tuna, kingfish, salmon, crab salad, asparagus, capers and burdock root, wrapped in daikon with yuzu vinaigrette, crispy capers and smelt roe

I love Japanese food. There’s something comforting about squishy, sweetened rice and the taste of deep fried goodness…of…well, everything.

The lollipop sushi was presented beautifully, however, I felt that the mix of fish was a little confusing in terms of taste. You could taste each fish very well but the blend of the entire sushi was quite poor.

Baked Dynamite Scallops – Hokkaido scallops, mushroom, crab salad baked with Kobe Jone’s sauce on a bed of rice, chilli sauce, shallots, smelt roe & air dried tuna flakes

The scallops in this dish were perfect. The secret sauce was creamy with a hint of cheese and mustard. It was superbly balanced with the spices. Only wished we had more!

Super Omakase

This was one damn fine looking plate of sushi. Sashimi was fresh and the sushi was served at room temperature with the right amount of sweetness in the rice. And hello, Japanese mayonnaise. If you haven’t tried, you haven’t lived.

Somen and Tofu salad – somen noodles and crispy tofu, served with witlof leaves and soy dressing

I was extremely surprised with this salad. The soy dressing was quite light but still packed full of the flavour and that tofu! The tofu could have been more crispy, but the flavoured encased in the shell was incredible. A strong hit of soy but there was a slight sweetness to it which balanced out the milky flavour you sometimes get from tofu. There was a bit too much witlof but you can never eat enough greens!

Agedashi Tofu

I was unfortunately quite disappointed with the agedashi tofu.   There was a lack of flavour and the sauce was watery and very bland.


Processed with VSCOcam with se3 preset
Steamed Vegetables
Vegetable Tempura

Just your standard tempura.

Tenderloin Amiyaki

This dish was an abomination. The first thing that hit me was the awful smell! It definitely smelt like smelly feet or something along the lines of that. I thought maybe it’d be a situation of stinky tofu and it might taste amazing, but alas, I was wrong. It smelt and tasted like smelly feet. I have never tasted a dish this bad.


This beef katsu was also a surprise! I am a huge chicken katsu fan but this was done quite well. Although a little overcooked, the crispy skin and wasabi mash certainly made up for it!



On a happier note, Happy birthday Cao! Congratulations on the new job 😛 Hope you enjoyed your special surprise at the end hehe!

P.S. That Messina Cake guys……mmm….

Til next time,

Alice (Aesthetic Management)

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