One Tea Lounge Bar & Grill

Green Tea. My love. If you are a massive green tea fan like me, this is the place for you. Oh, the owner is the first one to develop the ramen burger.

Pre- Tea Cocktail

Quite strong on the alcohol yet refreshingly light with a good kick of cucumber. Lovely cocktail to start the night ! Processed with VSCOcam with se3 preset My favourite green tea cappuccino is definitely from A Cre Sion (ugh, cravings) but One Tea’s Cappuccino is certainly up there. The difference is that A Cre Sion’s one is slightly sweeter than One Tea – you definitely can’t complain about the Matcha flavour. Both are great, but just depends if you want one more bitter or sweeter.

Signature sliders – Matcha burger, Rice Burger, Ramen Burger Fillings available — chicken, pork, wagyu, vegetarian

Hello Sliders. One of my all time favourite things to eat. We had our Matcha burger with pork, Rice burger with chicken and Ramen Burger with wagyu. The Ramen burger ( which I was extremely sceptical about) absolutely shattered my previous pretence of how ramen in a burger form was a crazy idea. UM. More like INGENIUS instead. I am all about texture when it comes to food. There’s something about having a bit of crunch, tenderness, juiciness all in one dish. Let me tell you, the Ramen burger delivered. The Ramen itself was crispy on the top but still slightly chewy on the bottom. The wagyu had a strong meaty flavour and the rest is history. The Matcha burger bun was quite soft, the filling sweet and had a good overall balance of flavours. The least impressive was the Rice burger, everything, including the filling lacked seasoning and taste.

Green Tea Miso Cod w/ seared scallops, seaweed, celeriac & lemon reduction

That miso cod was cooked to perfection despite not tasting the “Green Tea” in this dish.. Flaky, sweet and juicy, the cod was the highlight (as it should be) and the celeriac reduction was a sauce to die for. The scallops were slightly overcooked but all the garnishes, seaweed, mushroom all worked well with the richness of the fish.

One “Takocini” Housemade fusion of Takoyaki & Arancini balls with green tea mayonnaise, bonito flakes

This dish is exactly what the description stated. Arancini balls (which were cooked well, the rice was fluffy) and they were covered by your usual takoyaki sauce and bonito flakes. Yum. Again, I still could not find the “green tea” in the mayonnaise.

Edamama with Tea smoked salt

Couldn’t really taste the “tea  smoked salt”…

Green Tea Parfait – Frangelico Pannacotta, Green tea ice cream, matcha, black sesame ice cream, red bean, almonds, Castella, fresh cream, waffle flakes & candy floss

Despite the crazy amount of elements, this dessert also astounded me with its textural combination. Creamy strong flavoured green tea and black sesame, with crunchy almonds and a tad sweet waffle flakes (best thing ever) with a dainty ball of candy floss on top. Although it was difficult to eat, (there was no way to eat that thing elegantly) it definitely was worth the hassle.

Tofu White chocolate cheesecake – Tofu white chocolate tube with crumbed polenta, lemon curd & assorted berry texturesreg

I had been waiting to eat this dish all night. Tofu white chocolate cheesecake? The tofu flavour was to a bare minimum, I could just sense the soy flavour just on the tip of my tongue and predominantly was overwhelmed with the cheesecake. Soft and creamy, the freeze dried strawberries were quite sour which cut through the richness but that lemon curd ( three small dots of them) and the polenta crumble were a match made in heaven. Definitely a place I would revisit. I spotted the next table have 9+ grade wagyu and was my cousin and I regretting our decisions. Sort of. Til next time, Alice (Aesthetic Management)

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