Bar Indigo

Parasols, rustic white gates and waiters running back and forth in between the island in Cross Street to Bar Indigo is a sight to be seen.



Green Juice $9

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Bar Indigo has a cosy and humble warmth inside, with a more generous serving of sunlight and wind if you sit outside. You can hear each other comfortably and can talk normally even when it is quite full!










Farm fresh corn fritters w/ baby spinach, bacon, avocado salsa & tomato relish

These fritters were light, fluffy yet slighty gooey, but not to the point where they stick to the roof of your mouth which I have so frequently had. The salsa was tangy, fresh and there was something about that bacon with the sweet, caramelised tomato relish that kept us going back for more.


Smoked salmon & sweet potato cakes w/grilled asparagus, roasted fennel, poached eggs, celeriac mayo remoulade, parmesan & red vein sorrel salad

I was expecting the salmon to be incorporated with the sweet potato cakes but no matter, it was delicious anyway. The sweet potato was super sweet (I know, it might sound redundant but it really was one of the sweetest potatoes I’ve ever had!! Don’t blame me.) It broke apart easily and was a pillowy goodness. The celeriac mayo remoulade was HEAVENLY. Creamy, salty and sweet with a slight hint of bitterness – um, basically almost all the flavours you can get.

Now obviously, since Bar Indigo’s menu is so diverse and full of every good thing Mon and I could not decide, we ordered 2 mains and a “dessert” to share.



Let’s just say, we did not expect it to come with a berry milkshake on the side. Made from real fruit. HELLO.





Crunch corn flake french toast w/fresh honey comb, almond meal, cinnamon spice, sticky roasted pear

I cannot explain the sheer deliciousness of this plate. Crunchy cornflakes ( reminds me of Billie’s cornflake dessert from masterchef, but served is the actual cornflake..or cornflakes. The pears were indeed sticky goodness and sweet, also tender and went amazingly well with the crunchy cornflakes. TEXTURE. I am basically a blubbering mess typing this out…I’m pretty much salivating over my keyboard.


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