The Incinerator

The Incinerator is an extremely family friendly cafe, with outdoor and indoor seating, which also sits above the art museum in Willoughby. I suggest if you want lunch, you get there between 11:30-12pm to ensure a table, they fill up quite quickly! There was a sense of unorganisation with tables and chairs being moved around, borrowing menus from other tables that really distracted from the eating experience. Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Chocolate Tim Tam Shake
Chocolate Tim Tam Shake

This was the probably the best thing on the menu. I felt as if there could have been more a stronger Tim Tam taste, it was a bit too milky for my liking.

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I am usually not a fan of the coffee beans from The Grounds as its too watery and not strong enough but the one i had was definitely the opposite. Thumbs up to the Barista!

Salmon Linguine
Salmon Linguine

Portion size was quite small on this pasta dish. The pasta itself was cooked well but had no flavour whatsoever and relied entirely on the salmon which was incredibly salty. The pasta was overly dressed with olive oil, even with a small mouthful my lips were coated thickly with oil. Ugh. Oh, there was an occasional chilli kick. Poor quality indeed.

Chicken, Quinoa salad with yoghurt

Poached chicken was cooked well, soft and quite tender. But flavour wise, there was not much to it. They could have taken a bit more care in the preparation though. I personally didn’t want to eat a mint leaf the size of my hand and whole sprigs of parsley.

Pork Burger

If I’m going to fork out $20 for burger and chips, I am hoping for some real ingredients. Not Smiths Crisps. CRISPS. Sure, it would appeal to the little ones and has a cute novelty factor, but I want my chips, fried, crunchy with a fluffy, steaming potato filling. The aioli was smooth and flavoursome, but everything else was there for only texture. The cabbage slaw was essentially non-existent, the pork, undercooked. The bun was soft though!

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Unfortunately, the unimpressive main courses really diminished by appetite for sweets. Who knew that could happen? You’ll just have to let me know how they taste.

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Service, mediocre. Food, poor. Drinks, decent.

Absolute shame. I heard such raving reviews about them too! Oh, I also did not appreciate the death glares I got from the staff when I was taking photos.

Til next time,



(Aesthetic Communications)

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2 thoughts on “The Incinerator

  1. Thank you for coming along to review the Incinerator.

    We take our customers feedback very seriously and feel somewhat saddened by your recent review.

    We are sorry that you felt our staff didn’t appreciate you taking photos of our food and menu. We LOVE and encourage customers taking and sharing their photos and are always happy to help, even take the photos.

    We don’t have a pork burger on the menu, only a beef brisket burger which (along with all our meats) are slow cooked for 15 hours. 15 hours ensures all out meats are thoroughly cooked and tender. We are not sure if perhaps you felt it was undercooked as you were expecting a pork flavour?

    The crisps on the side of our burgers and sandwiches are cheeky but casual and very popular with most people. We like to focus on the burger and the quality of our ingredients. We highly recommend some of our hand cut chips if you’re after a more significant side or looking for a burger and chips combo.

    A milkshake that is too milky? Maybe this is an acquired taste we find two Tim Tams in every shake is enough flavour without taking away the milky goodness of a milkshake? We might have to agree to disagree on this one 🙂

    We are so glad you appreciated our barista and their coffee art skills. This is definitely something we place a high emphasis on in training our baristas and glad you enjoyed it. Our cake selections go beautifully with our coffee and hope next time you’ll sample a few.

    Bear in mind for next time, we change over from our popular breakfast menu to the lunch menu between 11.30 to 12pm. This does mean that there is some menu shuffling on the tables and because we always like to cater for big and small groups; tables and chairs are moved around to accommodate this. It’s actually all part of our friendly, customer centric, relaxed vibe. One of the reasons we don’t take bookings is to ensure this. Such a shame you felt it took away from your meal. We try very hard to make sure everyone is relaxed and enjoys their dining experience with us.

    Once again, we wanted to apologise that your experience wasn’t what you had expected. We invite you to come back sometime and hope that we can win you back!

    All the best, the Incinerator team.

    1. Thanks for reading!
      I appreciate your insightful comments. My comments are based on my personal tastes as with everything else – the meat to me was not as soft and tender a brisket should be, same with the Tim Tam Milkshake. I did thoroughly enjoy it but I like mine with more a Tim-Tammy flavour than milk. But of course, that’s up to the individual as I’ve said.
      Once again, thank you for taking your time in reading and comment on my review. It is very much appreciated!

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