Lox Stock & Barrel

If you’re wondering down to Bondi, be prepared to be confronted by options. Healthy options.
Lox Stock & Barrel is local delight in Bondi – slightly away from the Beach but guaranteed a full house – inside and the courtyard. Be prepared for a little wait – especially on a weekend.


French Toast with Rhubarb & vanilla Ice cream
Lock’n’Load – hash, smoked lox, lime & creme fraiche dill dressing

These hash are one of the best I have ever tasted. Fluffy yet smooth potato, encased in a crisp and crunchy golden shell, paired with a sensationally smoky lox and a zesty, fresh dressing. I could have a whole plate of those for sure.

Quinoa, chia seed and coconut bircher with strawberries, kiwi, grapes & passionfruit

The ‘pudding’ itself has a rich coconut flavour, which got a little too heavy near the end and I ended up having some extremely hard bits of pudding which I couldn’t bite through. The fruit was fresh and juicy though!

Poached eggs with seeded Bagel & Tomato chutney

Perfectly poached eggs on a fresh bagel – the tomato chutney was sweet and tangy.


I will be back for these muffins.


The coffee itself is strong and has a smooth finish – a bit too much froth for a flat white though.

IMG_0788 IMG_0789


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