Lixie Chocolaterie

Oh chocolate chocolate chocolate.

One of the best creations on this planet. For a chocoholic like me, having to get to visualise the amount of chocolate and flavours pretty much turned me stupefied.
Lixie Chocolaterie is all about hand made , organic chocolate. All the chocolates and daily baked goods are handmade by Miga (the owner) – and if you haven’t noticed, Lixie Chocolaterie’s Hot Chocolate has been labelled as one of the best hot chocolates in Sydney. An incentive to go right?


Hot , Chocolatey goodness.IMG_0763

Mini, lemon curd tarts infused with basil. 

These cute, adorable treats had a soft and moist base, with a smooth, lemon & basil flavour. The basil itself was not too strong and the curd itself retained its sweetness yet had a subtle hint of tartness to it.


Daily goods baked by Miga’s mum! 


All handmade, all organic. Bliss.


I was also lucky enough to try the 99% Madagascan chocolate Lixie stocked. Let me tell you, you’re not going to find any better. It’s better than Lindt.


Bolivian Dark Chocolate – The chocolate ganache inside was smooth & creamy and had a subtle fruity and tangy taste. Love Love Love.


Thank you to Miga for letting us crash! And putting up with our photo taking.

Final words?
Get those chocolates.

Til next time!

(Aesthetic Communications)


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