Devon on Danks

Finally, I can now say I’ve been to Devon on Danks. But slightly disappointed by it !!
I’ve heard fantastic things about their cafe on Danks during the day but their dinner was a little underwhelming.

We opted for the banquet which was $50 per head, for 6 dishes. Love a good bargain!


Korean steak tartare

I confess, it was my first time having tartare and boy, was it amazing. This was my dish of the night. The seasoning of the steak was spicy and sweet at the same time. The pear slices added a tiny bit of sweetness to the steak and balanced out the thickness of the yolk when blended together.


Salmon wonton

The ‘wonton’ was the thin, crunchy and buttery crisp , served with a dollop of salmon mixed with mayo and horseradish which gave it that extra punch. The salmon mixture was quite creamy and soft and crunching down on the crisp was pretty loud and impressive. Loved it.


Stay curious. I agree.


These oysters were simply gorgeous. I am not a huge fan of oysters but the sauce they were steamed in (shallot, ginger and soy) was surprisingly bold and full of flavour. More sweet than salty and definitely something I could just mix with rice and eat with. Hello.


Deep fried chicken wings 

Deep fried chicken wings. What can go wrong? Nothing, except for the sauce they put with it. It was a weird concoction of lemon, chilli and coriander. Don’t go there.


Pork Belly Bun

The pork was tender and juicy….everything else was pretty ordinary.


The main meal we had was an egg white custard with crab meat, egg and shallots.

It was an odd dish. It had a weird sour after-taste and had a soft, gooey texture which felt more like mush than anything.


Green tea, white chocolate fondant with basil infused melon balls, pistachio crumb and houjicha ice cream

I was so excited when this dish came. The presentation was absolute stunning. But oh, was I disappointed.

The fondant was overcooked and the cake was too dense. The ‘ooze’ was thick and gluggy, the melon balls also had a weird sour taste. The winner on the dish was the houjicha ice cream – strong rice flavour and smooth.


Lychee sorbet with meringue, pandan, and pomelo

The sorbet. Oh my gosh.

The lychee sorbet was refreshing and light and the pomelo added a tartness which cut through the sweetness of the meringue. The pandan was quite strong – which I liked and was definitely the stronger out of the two dishes.

The sorbet. Get your hands on that sorbet.


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