Haven Tailoring Coffee Joyously (HTCJ)

Long ass name I know. It shall now known as HTCJ thanks to a dear lazy friend of mine. 🙂

What struck me was the gorgeous wooden upright sitting at the entrance with the words “wanna play me?” standing solemnly on top. Inner musician coming out.

HTCJ has a wide open space, and has an abundance of natural light the shop is soaked in.

IMG_0741 IMG_0736


What also struck me was the amount of tea HTCJ has. I was basically frothing at the options. There have a ‘tea-inspired’ section which I think you adventurous lot should check out!

IMG_0738 IMG_0739


I ordered the “Milk Oolong” and was very surprised to pour out a clear, pale tea. I was honestly looking around in the other pot for milk. But wow, the tea itself does indeed have a milky flavour but more  ‘roasted’. It is quite a strong tea but still clean and refreshing.


Soba Noodles in Miso, Earl Grey & Lavender Broth – $16 w/ baby bok choy, soy seared mushroom & black sesame 

The broth itself was light and had a good lavender taste, however the earl grey was missing a bit. The soba itself was slightly hard and the mushrooms were extremely SALTY. I felt I was physically eating a mouthful of salt everytime I took a bite of the mushroom. Since the soba noodles did not have any taste, putting everything together i.e. broth, noodle, mushroom balanced out the dish. This dish is one where you have to have different elements together, individually they would not work at all.

IMG_0748 IMG_0747

Pork Belly Kimcheese Burger $19 – Five spices roasted pork belly, kimchi, bocconcini cheese, grated apples, kale, sesame omelette and shaved radish

You know what, if I’m paying 20 bucks for a burger, it better deliver. And boy, it did.
There is quite a lot going on in the burger but all the elements were not overpowering and still brought the hero of the dish, the pork belly.
The kimchi added a good kick of spice to the dish whilst the apple gave it a hint of sweetness. There was crunch, sweet, spicy and gooey-ness you just can’t find anywhere else. Also, that pork belly. Huh. Juicy and tender as all hell.



Did I mention the perfume iced tea? Refreshing, not too sweet and not too much rosewater.

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset



I can’t wait to pick one of these bad boys up.
And also try the rest of the food.

Til next time!



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