Sitting comfortably next to Coogee beach is the local delight Barzura, operating for twenty years and might I add, has excellent service. Rustic decor just makes Barzura ever so homely and comfy.


Oven baked eggs with Salmon, spinach, hollandaise sauce served with sourdough

I know you can’t see it but the sourdough slice was massive. It was almost as big as the bowl itself.
The salmon was absolutely stunning. Sweet, fresh and a melt-in-your  mouth moment. The hollandaise sauce was not too thick or rich and the spinach – oh my, was not overcooked, over seasoned or anything. I would have liked my eggs to be a bit more runny but generally, the dish was great !


Corn Fritter with bacon, roasted tomato & avocado mash 

The Corn fritters were also amazing. The fritter itself had pieces of corn bursting out sweet juices, the batter was not too thick or gluggy when you bit into it. The avocado mash was sensational. Tangy and smooth, yet did not drown out the flavour in the fritter itself. Also, there were heaps of bacon on the plate. Win.


Mexican baked eggs with chorizo served with chilli beans & tomato salsa


Aloe Vera Mojito

I can’t stress how good this drink was. Don’t judge. Alcohol can be enjoyed whatever time of day it is.
You could still taste the gin, yet there was just enough sweetness from the aloe vera juice to cover the bitterness. The lemon and mint added a refreshing zest on the palate…


Oh what the hell, it’s a bloody good mojito and go get one.


Ricotta hotcakes, poached pears, honeycomb butter & maple syrup 

I couldn’t leave without having this. I know its only 10 minutes away from uni but hey! I’m on holidays and its not like I’m going to trek it to Coogee to have this. Who am I kidding, yes I will.

The pancakes were fluffy and soft, the honey comb butter was more crumbly than smooth and extremely light which was fantastic. There could have been more poached pear – the portion was a bit disproportionate but overall, a solid dish.

I didn’t take a photo of the drinks but their BYRON CHAI is superb.

Shout out to the Barzura for their fantastic service as well. Definitely will be back!

Also – Happy Birthday Tim !!


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