This dim-lit restaurant is buzzing of chatter and exuberance when I walk in. Coat and bag hangers are strewn around the restaurant, which is extremely convenient, especially since it’s been so nippy the past few days.

The menu at ACME is designed to be share, so gather as many people as you can so you can try all the dishes!

IMG_9386 IMG_9384


Burrata, Potato, Bottarga

Layers of thinly sliced potato are pressed together, and slightly fried to form a buttery and crisp outer shell. The potatoes itself were seasoned incredibly well and the Burrata (mozarella & cream) was chewy and rich. Honestly, potato and cheese together basically a match made in heaven.


Pumpkin congee, cime di rapa

Remember how I said it was chilly? I couldn’t go past a warm bowl of congee.
If you aren’t sure what congee is, it is a porridge made from rice. This dish ended up tasting like pumpkin soup and congee mixed together. Which was kind of weird, but I liked it.
It was hearty and surprisingly filling! The dish had preserved vegetables and fried cime di rapa (turnip top) which gave a slight bitter taste but was just enough to cut through the richness of the pumpkin.


Spaghetti, calamari, korean bolognese 

Soft and slightly chewy calamari draped over silky, perfectly cooked al dente pasta and sprinkle of salty seaweed. The sauce had a deep seafood flavour, which was balanced out by the sweet hint of tomato. I basically inhaled this dish. Definitely could have plates of this baby.


Malteser Ice cream with CANDIED BACON IMG_0682

Sweet Potato Ice cream with Cinnamon Doughnuts 



I really don’t think I can stress it enough. It is one of the greatest creations. It’s basically pancakes, bacon and maple syrup together. But better. With Maltesers. The ice cream was a little too sweet by itself but was superbly paired well with the bacon.

The sweet potato ice cream was INCREDIBLY silky and smooth. It did not have a strong sweet potato taste but I thought it was absolutely fine. The doughnuts were fluffy and what can I say, cinnamon sugar? Yes please.

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