Black By Ezard

What a rush that night was!
After sprinting down past the food court and into the pokies, I realised I was headed in the wrong direction. Learn from my mistakes people, it’s near Gelato Messina.
By the time I got to Black, I was sweating and almost not fit to be seen.

Little did I know, the night was still early.

We were hoping to go to Balla, but I was outnumbered by votes so we ended up at Black (I didn’t mind, after all I hadn’t been!)

We wanted to pre-theatre menu as we were heading to watch The Rocky Horror Show (which was one of the funniest musicals I’ve seen, it’s also extremely quirky/weird so be ready to be open minded).

We were running a little late but the waiters assured us we would be able to do the 3 course menu. (Again, regret. If  you have one hour before the show starts, just do 2 meals). They also forgot about my drink which was a bit annoying too. I had to scull it before we left.


PRAWNS sauteed spenver gulf, sweetcorn puree, watermelon, red onion, tomato, coriander, jalapeno pepper, crispy pancetta.

This dish was plated stunningly. Too bad it did not have the flavours to back up its presentation. The prawns lacked crunch and you could barely taste the sweetcorn puree. Other elements sat there by itself and was not bounded by anything in particular.


On the other end of the scale however was this.

OXTAIL open ravioli, smoked potato, walnut remolata, bone marrow, watercress salad.

The oxtail was tender, the sauce, packed full of punch and depth of flavour was balanced out but the smoked potato and light watercress salad on top. The ravioli was silky and soft and was so simply stunning.


Fillet grass fed angus 200g broccolini, brown butter, toasted almonds

I think its quite sad to say the only thing worth eating on this plate was the broccolini. They were drowned in the fragrant brown butter ( no complaints there) and were just the right tenderness.
The beef – no seasoning, no nothing.


Kingfish salsa verde, fennel

My fish was overcooked and dry and the fennel salad was just a fennel salad. It’s something I could throw together for less than $10. We were all very disappointed with the mains.

I am excited to write that majority of Black’s desserts are quite consistent and worth your money!


Cheesecake : Lavender honey, blueberry, sable crumble

This deconstructed cheesecake all had strong elements which blended the flavours well. The cheesecake had a smooth texture, lacked a bit of cheese flavour I felt (but I am a lover of cheese, so more cheese is good for me) , the sable crumble was crunchy and buttery and your palate was quickly hit by the refreshing (non-melting? I took a few minutes to take photos and I was surprised the sorbet still held its shape!) blueberry sorbet on top.


Chocolate: warm coverture ganache, fresh mint ice cream, raspberry, cookie crumble

Unfortunately, this dish was also a let – down. I could barely taste the raspberry and cookie crumble. The mint ice cream was also not strong in mint flavour like my blueberry sorbet so all you tasted was straight chocolate.

IMG_8926.JPG_1Parfait: coffee, mascarpone mousse, orange crumble, spiced caramel

This dish was no doubt my favourite of the night.
Fruity and delicate, the incredibly light coffee mousse not only had a good hit of coffee, it was a melt in your mouth moment. The spiced caramel was thick and gooey, draping itself over any element was simply a delight. The mascarpone cut through the richness of the caramel and toffee on the side, the crumble adding a solid crunch to the dish. All the textures and flavours were well balanced in this dish. So good.

Note*: we also got the Chips – THEY WERE PERFECTION. Not the peas though. They were cold.
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Til next time!


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