A Tavola

This ever popular restaurant on Bondi Beach are known for their silky pasta and follows their original store in their decorations with giant copper orbs and wooden decor.
Although the dishes at A Tavola are a little expensive, it does fill you up relatively well.

They are extremely popular with the locals so do book ahead – unless you are happy sitting outside you can just walk in, which is what we did.
If you haven’t been to A Tavola before, a waiter will kindly come over (eventually) and explain to you how their menu works. They explain what is in each entree and main (as the menu is all in Italian) and leave you alone for a few minutes to decide. The food does come out quite quickly afterwards!

A Tavola offers complimentary bread, paired with a spicy, olive oil dip.
The bread was fluffy on the inside and crunchy on the outside, with a hint of rosemary gently dipping on the palate.


Damn waiters and their explanation skills. I was set on only having their pasta but ended up getting one of their entrees. Couldn’t go past the pan seared chicken breast with fennel and pickled veggies. The salad was fresh and the pickled veggies added a nice sweetness to the simply prepared lettuce and  fennel. The chicken itself was delicate and juicy, cooked to perfection and had a gorgeous caramelized top which had a bit of smokiness to it.



Vegetarian option: I went for the spinach and ricotta ravioli which was a surprisingly light dish and had it a perfect balance between the sourness of the tomato sauce and a creamy, slightly salty filling.


Pappardelle con Ragu di Maiale – hand cut pappardelle, slow braised pork, white wine, tomato

This was the most popular dish ordered in A Tavola and I can definitely see why! The silky smooth ribbons of pasta is lathered generously in 8 hour braised ragu that was soft and tender. This dish was quite heavy bodied and had a strong wine flavour. I definitely preferred the pasta over the actual meat as the balance of flavour was too dominant on the meaty side.

My mouth is salivating for that pasta.
A Tavola on Urbanspoon


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