Khao Pla

I have heard raving reviews from food bloggers and the general community about this new Thai Place (well, not new anymore) and I found the chance to check this apparently “BEST THAI FOOD IN SYDNEY” out! DSC00254.JPG_1 We had a bit of a conundrum when ordering…we tried to choose the least chilliest dishes only because we were at Chat Thai the other day and the fish ball dish was so spicy I was basically crying. Not a good sign. So we were a bit scarred. DSC00220.JPG_1 DSC00243.JPG_1 Tom Yum Curry with Prawns – The curry was  spicy (but bearable, phew!) and had fantastic, crunchy prawns. The broth was a little watery, so to me it was a bit closer to a soup than a curry. It had quite a strong tangy and lemony flavour, much more so than you find anywhere else and was a dish that grew on you as you kept eating it. DSC00245.JPG_1 This ox-tonguedish was SO DELICIOUS. I was a bit sceptical at first cause it didn’t look too appealing and quite roughly made. But wow! Was I blown away! It had a chewy texture, but nothing rubbery. The flavour of the ox-tongue was brought out further by the grill and had a clean smokiness on the palate. The sauce was also exceptional. Sweet but tangy, the pair was an absolute winner! Very impressed! DSC00255 Finally, the crispy pork belly with Chinese broccoli. Unfortunately, this dish was quite standard, but one thing that stood out was the sauce (this place has a knack for them obviously). I kept going for more and more only because the sauce was super addictive with its tart saltiness yet it also had a sugary hint to it. Unbelievable. For its price Khao Pla is superb and offers up great dishes! But to be labelled as Sydney’s Best Thai….I’ll have to see about that! Well, Eat. Khao Pla on Urbanspoon


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