This old fashioned cavern has been transformed into a cosy, warm lit cafe located in Annadale. Away from the main street, this cafe is catered to local residents and honestly, if my lovely friend Stef didn’t walk me up to this place, this would have been a non – existent place in my books.

Warm, snuggly blankets are draped over the back of wooden chairs outside, and when you walk outside, are cloches of sweet treats placed up on the counter. Talk about advertising.


Family friendly, this place is the perfect day out for a hearty breakfast. Their prices are on the pricier side but you definitely will be STUFFED.


Veggie Breakfast: with a side of pork fennel sausage & poached eggs.

Tomato based with kidney beans, and baked with eggplant. Perfectly balanced flavours with hummus on bread – the sweet tomato sauce balanced out with the juicy and succulent pork fennel sausage. The poached eggs were also perfect and the ooze of the yolk was visual porn.


A very hot flat white. Strong and caramelly.

IMG_8897_1 IMG_8900_1

Scrambled eggs with feta, and a side of caramelised onions.
Those caramelised onions are some of the best I have ever tasted. Sweet and plentiful !
There’s something about caramelised “anything” really.

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