Continuing with my “once a year” fine dining trip , Rockpool was ticked off the list!

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Chirashi Zushi of Snapper, kingfish & Squid

A “scattered sushi”, this dish had one of the softest, melt – in- your-mouth moment. The rice was a little cold for my liking and the kimchi added a sharper and saltier hit to the entire dish.

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Spanner crab with egg white custard with edamame

The spanner crab itself was sweet, the texture was incredibly soft and quite light due to the custard. Though I didn’t taste much of the edamame, the candied rose petal on top blended extremely well with the dish.

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Prawn mousse with squid ink sauce

This was (personally) the best dish of the night. The prawn mousse was steamed (though a little hard) had  a really incredibly deep depth of flavour. The chilli bread crumb was crisp and added an extra dimension , cutting through the richness of the mousse. The best part of the dish was the sauce. Smooth and perfectly balanced with the mousse.

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Honey spelt bread with konbu butter & ricotta

The bread was definitely quite sweet and the ricotta was smokey in flavour, I’m pretty sure if I had more bread I would’ve polished it off. There was a lot of lathering of butter and ricotta around the table.
The bread was slightly dense but the crust itself added a textural balance to it.
Good bread, good butter, good cheese.

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Mullet wrapped in tumeric leaf , brown butter almond sauce

Despite being aromatic from the spices and the herbs, there was not much flavour to the fish itself. It was quite bland and was the weakest dish of the night.

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Duck with bone marrow leek & salted potatoes

The Duck was cooked medium rare on a bed of oyster sauce, adding a sweetness against the bone marrow leek. The duck was cooked perfectly and was seasoned well. I did not like the bone marrow itself but everything else on the plate was stunning.

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Rockpool salad- Mixed lettuce with palm sugar, sherry vinaigrette.

The dressing was impeccable and probably will go well with anything.

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South Australian Lamb with buckwheat risotto and Mint sauce

The lamb was also cooked perfectly in this dish, the buckwheat risotto was strong and quite rich as well. The mint sauce took the edge away a little but I felt like it could have done a bit more.

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Ricotta parfait with strawberry compote & spiced lemon sorbet

The parfait was smooth and delicate, with the spiced sorbet adding a refreshing texture to the dish. The compote added a slight sourness but cut through the texture of the parfait.

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Chocolate ganache, date, toffee, chocolate banana ice cream

There was simply too much going on in this dish. Individually the base flavours worked really well, but I ended being confused as how the dish itself worked together. Which was such a shame to end the night on!

Overall, the experience was fantastic! Great wine, fantastic food , filling as always and I definitely would go again.


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