IZBA – Russian Treats

The Russian Treat store tucked away at the end of Newtown has some of the greatest cakes to offer.

They also have a range of savoury pies and I was lucky enough to stumble upon their egg & chive pastry that had just come out of the oven.



The pastry was deliciously soft and pillowy. the filling itself could have done with a bit more seasoning but it certainly was a light meal (as what I asked).


This tiny cafe has a warm and homely vibe, with only 4 or 5 wooden tables. Don’t let it fool you! Their cakes are a must try.

IMG_0585Kind of wished I had a big enough stomach to eat all that. But I settled on the favourite cakes as suggested by the owner 🙂

IMG_0590The first time I had the honey cake was at the Chocolate Festival and to my dismay was sold out!
This cake is surprisingly not overly sweet or sickening, and is balanced so well with the cream between the layers of the fluffy sponge.

Izba is a representation of the wooden hut in old time Russia and is produced with the most wanted seasonal treats of cherries and sour cream.

Smooth with a break of texture from the cherries, the sourness cuts through and allows the palate to settle…into going for seconds.



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