Kepos Street Kitchen

After a few years, I revisited Kepos Street Kitchen last week and was not surprised by the amount of people waiting for a table.
Overall, let’s just say I was not at all disappointed with their food even after a few years.
I was also very glad to see a change in menu (you’d hope so)
But sometimes, it was just nice to go for the dish you knew would be a kicker.
Dad’s Favourite Breakie – I am not kidding you, Kepos Street Kitchen’s hummus, is undeniably (according to me anyway) the best.
It’s smooth, its creamy and its full of flavour.
There’s also something about their falafel – so many times, it has just been mush in my mouth but Kepos Street Kitchen has texture and a bite to it. Hurray!

The tomato and mint salad is refreshing and quite generously dressed.
The Kepos Benedict was also a fantastic dish. Quite rich though!
The milk bread added an interesting sweetness instead of the sour or plain bread you find elsewhere.
Kepos Street uses Grounds of Alexandria coffee, which I don’t actually prefer as it is too weak for me, so hence the double shot. That did the trick!

Their selection of cakes are also quite extraordinary.

I took home the caramel, passionfruit cheesecake and blackforest cake (Pigging out, yes. No regrets.)
Get your hands on that caramel cake. Fight for it. It was so moist, and had such a strong caramel flavour balanced out with the cream. Despite its strong flavour it was not overly sweet and is I deem one of the best!

Blackforest cake : This was pretty damn good too. Not on the same level as the caramel cake but I would definitely have it again.

The passionfruit cheesecake was a bit of a disappointment, especially after those two cakes and had the cheesy and passionfruit flavour but…nothing spectacular.


I want that caramel cake.


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