Kin by Us

Uel & Shanelle from MKR has opened up Kin by us at Macquarie Park!
Featuring lots of asian inspired dishes due to their heritage, their diverse menu is quirky, fun and quite delicious as well!


I  thought it was a bit too early for pork belly as breakfast but it was surprisingly quite delicious with a waffle. Just like chicken and waffles, I think this might be a new thing on the menu coming up.
The pork belly was tender and juicy, with a good marinade of soy. It definitely needed the waffle to balance out the rich flavour but otherwise it was a great dish!

IMG_8426_1 IMG_8421_1

Unfortunately, I was a little unhappy with the bacon and egg roll on brioche.
The brioche was a little stale- definitely not the softest I have ever had. The chilli jam was virtually non-existant. What a shame!

Despite the poor bacon and egg roll, I do want to head over again for their lunch menu. Looks super exciting.
I’ll update this post when I have!

Til next time!

IMG_8431 IMG_8430

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