Cosmo Coffee


Cosmo Coffee is another local cafe in the Hills area and have a great support of regular customers.

Their coffee has a lovely strong taste with a bit of sweet after-taste.


Garden Salad with Grilled Chicken – Mesculin lettuce, tomato, avocado, spanish onion, egg with french dressing.
This was a fantastic fresh salad that was filling ( who knew) and worth every penny for. Only thing I have to add was it was a tad overdressed and chicken was only slightly overcooked but you can always easily fix that!


Chicken Caesar Salad


Fries with housemade Mayo

The housemade mayo was quite sweet but had a great consistency in its texture.


Churros: Cosmo Churros are one of the best out there! Crispy and generously coated with cinnamon sugar (yes!) served with silky chocolate and vanilla ice cream. Ft. My vanilla cupcakes with chocolate buttercream. .


Aussie pancakes : Buttermilk pancakes with bacon

The pancakes itself was light and fluffy though lacking in flavour. But it if you paired it up with the bacon and maple syrup it was a good classic dish.


I must say though, I’ve been to Cosmo a few times and their steak sandwich is a clear winner.
Juicy steak with an amazing sweet and tart balsamic onion sauce is to die for over there.


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