Balmoral: The Boathouse

This picturesque view has been all over Instagram; either foodies of fashion bloggers. Jeez!
So taking the opportunity of the last remaining holidays I had, I went out to Balmoral with some of my favourite people !

I can see the hype. It sure is a family-packed and fabulous local beach to find yourself. People are friendly and the Boathouse itself has a wondrous, open-view of the laughing kids about.


  • I’d scout for a table- or if you’re lucky to find one. TAKE IT AND DON’T LEAVE IT.
  • Dessert is incredible there.
  • Enjoy the beach – you’re right next to it anyway!
  • Grab a glass of bubbly, a coconut, a coffee & relax. You have earned it!


Beer Battered Fish & Chips $29 
The food itself was great in terms of flavour! Slightly over-priced (but we’re on the beachside, so no surprises there.)

The fish was surprisingly sweet, and not those flimsy, tiny pieces of fish you see at other cafes. There was actual meat. Even til the end of the batter. Hooray! Usually, I only find meat in the middle and the tips are all just batter. The tartare sauce was quite thick and heavy- so I suggest just only smearing a tiny bit on. The chips were quite amazing. Chunky, flavoursome and fluffy. Real potatoes. Mmm….


Balmoral House Salad- Pomegranate, carrot, sprouts, kale, lettuce, avocado, quinoa $22

This salad was delightfully light and refreshing. It may have been overdressed a little but overall, the combination of the ingredients worked well and was incredibly tasty! A winner on the table.


Lemon Meringue Tart $6

This tart was one of the best meringue tarts I have had. The Lemon curd was fantastic. Full of flavour and the right balance between sweet and sour. The pastry was short and crumbly, and the meringue, soft and pillowy. Yes. It’s even better than the Grounds of Alexandria Lemon Meringue.


Drinks and food are ordered separately. Cold drinks- at the back, as well as coffee. There is also a huge stack of fruit piled in a corner.

IMG_7872_1 IMG_7858_1 IMG_7859_1 IMG_7860_1

IMG_7835_1 IMG_7852_1 IMG_7875_1 IMG_7888_1

Quite a gorgeous place huh?

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