Away from the hustle & bustle of Bondi, lies SHUK, a family-friendly and open cafe in North Bondi.

With influences of Greek, Israeli and Lebanese flavours, SHUK is a warm and inviting cafe.



They also sell bread, condiments and other goodies so be sure to check them out!

IMG_7773_1 IMG_7786_1

Drinks – Home made lemonade, fresh orange juice, & green juice

I thought they were quite pricey for the size. Around $6 each.
Lemonade was super sweet, and the green juice was slightly on the bitter side

IMG_7789_1 IMG_7790_1

The Atlantic: Smoked salmon on baby spinach, goats cheese

I was certainly surprised about the amount of salmon on the plate (no complaints there) but even when it is supposedly the “main” feature of the dish, sometimes it turns out to be significantly smaller.
I.e. Gary Mehigan’s Lamb Salad at the Boathouse- It was a MOUNTAIN of rocket and 5 slices of lamb. We paid $23 for the MOUNTAIN of rocket.

The dish was fantastic. Fresh produce, slightly sweet and simple!




Lamb Gnocchi –

The gnocchi itself was quite soft – slightly overdone as it was a tad chewy and the sauce, although had a good depth of flavour, was quite watery. There was an optional choice of yoghurt as well to pair with the dish. You can opt to have it on the dish or not.





60/60 Eggs with toast. Side add-ons: Haloumi & Salmon




Chocolate Fudge Cake, Halva cake

Halva cake: was a white chocolate & pistachio cake

THe base was chewy and and was balanced well against the smooth and creamy white chocolate. It was a bit odd at first but it definitely grew on me after eating a couple of more bites.
The chocolate fudge cake was delectably rich and heavy.
My friends come up with the weirdest names for food.
They named it the  “Prostitute cake”.
Say what?

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