Park Hyatt

I have been struggling to find a fine dining restaurant that was relatively low in price but also maintain the qualities of exceptional food. Who am I kidding? No restaurant exists like that!
Park Hyatt does come close though!


For $115 per head and the food they presented, I would definitely go again !
It has a lovely ambience, pristine tables with smooth jazz ( mostly Michael buble ) and very friendly servers.


Did I mention we got the best seats in the house? (Well I thought so).


In terms of drinks, my friend and I ordered their signature cocktails : The Hive & Lemonade Twist.
I barely got through my drink; one, I was drinking on an empty stomach, so 30 seconds after my first sip, I was feeling dizzy. Two, I am a super light- weight. $20 max and I’m off my face. Three, that cocktail was STRONG. but the drink itself was sweet and very smooth whereas the Lemonade twist was refreshing and light! ( if you consider whiskey light.)


Let’s get down to the food.
Amuse Bouche – marinated kangaroo with a beetroot salad.

Winner dish of the night!
The kangaroo was soft and tender, a melt in your mouth moment. It was definitely not gamey ( due to the marinade) and the beetroot, which was cut up into perfect tiny cubes was sweet and light.


Marinated Kangaroo with beetroot salad

King crab with daikon

The sauce was a thick, strong- flavoured with a velvety texture that blended in with the slight crunch of the daikon. It also added a bit of sourness to the king crab.



King Crab with Daikon

Salmon nori with green apple emulsion and wasabi condiment.
Salmon and wasabi are a match made in heaven. Who knew adding green apple would really bring out the spicy kick of the wasabi and the natural freshness of the salmon. What astounded me was the combination of the flavours. Super light and such a joy to eat.



Salmon nori with green apple emulsion and wasabi condiment.

Duck foie gras with rhubarb,hibiscus, mixed berries and brioche

The presentation of the dish was incredible. A array of berries with a perfect rounded and soft brioche combined with the jelly and foie gras was a great combination. The foie gras was light – if you don’t like a heavy tasting foie gras, this one is for you!



Duck foie gras with rhubarb,hibiscus, mixed berries and brioche

The John Dory itself was a divine piece of meat, the salsa verde had such a kick to it and what surprised me the most was the sweet element. The raisin tapenade. Slightly sweet and bitter at the same time, it’s slightly gritty texture added an extra dimension with the softness of the fish and the hard asparagus. Not only were the textures melded in perfect harmony, the flavours itself were unique.



John Dory with raisin tapenade, asparagus and salsa verde

Lamb loin with spring onion, baby bok choi

Unfortunately, this was the weakest dish of the lot. The lamb itself was chewy and hard to cut into. Definitely not melt in your mouth material. I found the spring onion hard to eat- that was chewy too. The only redeeming factor was the sauce that had a greater depth but overall I felt like I could get that dish anywhere.


Lamb loin with baby bok choi

Pre dessert: palate cleanser.
The novelty of this dish was awesome. It was a yuzu cream in the tube and the dish itself was like a mango passionfruit granita/sorbet ( I was talking to my friend about cow & moon gelato and how I just wanted a good mango sorbet) . Sweet, refreshing but the yuzu cut through the sweetness which was an excellent addition.



Chocolate gran crus

The chocolate parfait with puffed quinoa and hazelnut base. Smooth, velvet but at the same time , fluffy, this parfait was the classic combination with the berries.
Ugh. No idea what the crumb on the bottom was. Steph called it gypsy dust and chocolate cocaine. Take your pick 🙂

And to my lovely friend Steph, thank you for such a wonderful night and this is the best birthday gift ever!!




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