Male, Maldives

This time it’s adventure on land. We had the opportunity to go on Male, the capitol of Maldives.IMG_7357

We had a stroll through the fruit markets and wow, their fruits are tiny!!!!! I should have done a comparison with my finger but take my word, they are tiny.

IMG_7361 IMG_7364

These watermelons are the size of a volleyball. So tiny!


These are chocolate, honey and coconut sticks. $1 USD for one or $5 USD for 6. Addictive.


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We also ventured through a fish market, where all the fish were laid on the floor and sold.

On top of the fish market is a small restaurant/cafeteria style food and we ended up ordering two fish curries, papadam, tuna pizza and what not.


Roti was incredibly soft and fluffy.


These tuna pizza pockets were AMAZING. I bought some of the filling back home, so stay tuned and keep checking back for the recipe!

IMG_7388 IMG_7390 IMG_7384 IMG_7385

In terms of sight-seeing, there is the mosque, artificial beach, cemetery, the President’s house and some gorgeous gardens. Definitely check out the museum too!


Mosque from a far 🙂


Old President’s house

IMG_7383 IMG_7414 IMG_7501 IMG_7667

Since it’s pretty humid over there, I recommend having ice cream. Um. Duh.


IMG_7682 IMG_7683 IMG_7693 IMG_7676 IMG_7677 IMG_7680

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Zuppa Inglese with chocolate chips- The server told us it was SOUP. I don’t know but whatever it was, it didn’t taste like soup and it was freaking delicious.
Caramel- had some raisins and nuts in it but did not really have a strong caramel flavour

Giandjura- Hazelnut- DELICIOUS

Processed with VSCOcam Processed with VSCOcam

Mango & Kiwi Sorbet- quite smooth (not as smooth as Cow&moon) . I was not a fan of the kiwi unfortunately, it didn’t taste like anything.
Mango is always a winner 🙂



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