Trio Cafe

Nothing is better during summer than catching up with friends and have a good ol’ chat.

So after weeks of back and forth we ended up at Trio Cafe on Bondi Beach. Busy, vibrant and full of incredibly friendly waitresses, the experience at Trio was top notch!


Almond milk flat white
I’m not sure if I would order this again but in terms of health benefits, it sure is up there!
As you would expect, there was a strong nutty punch meddled with a slight bitter after-taste.
Did I finish it without spewing? Yes. Would I order it again? Maybe.
It’s not so bad you know.


Their juices are also delightfully refreshing. Who knows what my friends concocted. It was delicious after-all.


Sweet Potato Fries with a garlic aioli. $8
Um. Can you see the size of those fries!?
It’s not those tiny potato strips you see in some cafes, but chunky, wholesome, juicy sweet potato with a thick and garlic heavy aioli sauce. GARLIC HEAVY. I’m in heaven. Not to mention addictive.


Chorizo, capsicum, goats cheese, kipfler potato omelette.
Be careful of the pan! It was super hot. I burned myself a couple of times…or as my friends sometimes say, ” done an Alice.”

The omelette itself was slightly overcooked and dry due to it but in terms of the combination of the ingredients, the flavour was all there. There is salt and pepper on the table to adjust to your liking.


Salmon Egg’s Benedict. As they say, “eggsellent”
Not sorry?


Chicken o’ringo : Hello. Chicken, bacon, onion, apples and sundried tomato mayo. What’s not to love. The apples were crunchy and refreshing, cutting through the heavy texture of the bacon and chicken. The salad itself was simple, lightly dressed and definitely a fast, fresh and simple side dish.


I may have made my friends share pancakes with me.
Don’t judge me, but how can mango and lime pancakes with canadian maple syrup be passed up?
Fluffy, thick and soft, these pancakes are a winner.
The curd itself was tangy and sweet and everything, put together was simply divine.


If you’re at bondi beach, you might as well hit Pompeii’s. For Gelato.
Maybe I’ll go there for brunch next.
Stay tuned!

So to everyone out there, Merry late Christmas & Happy New Year!

And to my friends & family who put up with my photo taking – there will be more conversations on reincarnation, scammers and how to impress parents. Love you lots!


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