Woolwich Pier Hotel

Hot. Steamy. Water.


Well, sort of. It’s been a major sauna in Sydney and in 40 degrees heat, the boy and I trekked it out to Woolwich Pier Hotel. For the pub food. They were after all, were awarded the best pub food in Sydney. Hello.

Facing the water and overlooking the harbour, the beautifully furnished and vintage decorated is a stunning place to enjoy food, a ice cold beer and views.

001 002

A well presented, fresh chicken caeser salad. The egg was soft boiled and oozing out. (obviously).



I braved the heat and ordered three sliders. Chicken Schnitzel, Lamb and Salmon. $6 each. minimum order of 2.


The salmon slider was creamy – slightly too creamy, sweet and tangy at the same time.
The lamb was great but just slightly lacking in terms of flavour. The meat was cooked well but could have done more with seasoning and more mint.

Last and best of all, the chicken schnitty. Oh my gosh. Lightly crumbed and fried, the chicken was perfectly cooked. Soft, succulent and divine.

If you love a good ol’ chicken schnitty, it’s the one for you.


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