Paper Planes

It’s the season of 21sts, and a while back I had the opportunity to go to Paper Planes at Bondi Beach to have incredible japanese food.

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Check out their ceiling! Made up of skateboards.


Mushroom San Choi Bao.
I was a little disappointed in these unfortunately, not only was I starving from waiting ( I hate being late.) but there was an obvious lack of seasoning to this dish. The lettuce shell was not fresh and was a little flat, the mushrooms itself was cooked well but very, very salty.



Sushi Platter: I don’t remember whats on it.

The sashimi was excellent. Fresh and a melt-in-your mouth experience. The small avocado sushi rolls were standard. However, the fried prawn and crab rolls were disappointing. I barely tasted any meat, and all I got was a wave of oil and greasiness in my mouth afterwards. However, there was one dish on this plate which was the highlight of the night.


This salmon tartare. THIS. IS. THE. DISH.

Paired with prawn cracker/taco/nacho, the huge contrasts between the sweet, soft flesh of the salmon and the crunchy bite of the taco was a real stunner. The oozing juices from the salmon marinade was divine.



Kaarage Chicken: Fried chicken. What don’t you love about fried chicken?

The batter was crispy and thin, the chicken cooked to perfection. Hello.

Oh, and teriyaki chicken?

Succulent I tell you, succulent.


This braised beef was also a winner. The pickles added a citrus and tart punch to the dish. The beef itself was soft and extremely tender.


This tofu and seaweed salad was a little odd. There was the japanese dressing that did make it a bit more bearable. Textures were wet and sloppy and the flavour of the dish was simply, plain.


And of course, the birthday cake. Again, thanks to unbirthday bakery for the amazing cakes! This was a lemon & passionfruit cake 🙂

IMG_0248 IMG_0237

Happy Birthday Scott!

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