After weeks and weeks of planning, my food-lover friends and I finally made it out to Element6 in West Ryde. Sunday morning seems to be a busy time but we luckily scored a table! Street parking was vast and service was fast too!


Poached eggs & Avocado: apparently the serving size was bigger than normal. (perks to a camera?)


Specials: Beetroot hummus with eggs and flatbread: The hummus was rich in flavour, had quite a smooth texture and the flatbread was toasted well and slightly chewy. The dukkah itself also had a good depth of flavour ! Definitely try it if its still there !

028 033 017

Moroccan baked eggs: Spicy & Saucy. Beautiful poached eggs with a slightly sweet flatbread. I want to know where they bought it . how they made it. The oozing egg yolk seeped into the tomato base, the remaining heat encasing the liquid and slightly cooking it. Perfection.The haloumi naturally a little salty, provided the perfect balance to the tomato base. One of the greatest baked eggs I have ever had.


Love a good museli. Sweet & Nutty. The poached pear seemed to be lacking but this dish is definitely a hearty and healthy meal.


The good ol’ bacon and egg. No faults.

Sometimes, the food just does the talking. No words. (obviously)

I also had the chance to have the Green with Envy Juice/Smoothie. You might think, a green juice? That’s just healthy and absolutely tastes like crap as does all the other super foods out there. NO.
This juice was surprisingly tasty and slightly addictive. You will just have to go and find out.

Overall: Friendly cafe with good balance of flavours in all the dishes. Serving size seems to be at a discrepancy at the moment. Might’ve been the big camera I was carrying around.
Perks of a blogger?

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