Imagine my delight when Afghani Restaurant, Bamiya opened up in DURAL.


I’ll stop with the Hills banter for a bit. Let’s get down to business!

Mantu: Beef Dumplings
Afghani favourite meal, ground beef, onions, dumplings with same spice and toppings with yogurt sauce, chick pea tomato and ground mince sauce, garnished with ground mint. 13.90


These dumplings were just, spectacular. Pictured is an entree size. I could’ve eaten a main course of this.

The pastry was thin and delicate. Not chewy at all and did not break apart when you picked it up. The sauce was a little spicy and was balanced out with a touch of mint yoghurt. The mince was perfectly cooked and had a great depth of spices and flavours.

i don’t even know how to express myself on how freaking good these things are.

It’s so hard to make curries look good. SOMEONE TEACH ME.


Chicken Karahi : Traditional Afghani dish cooked with boneless chicken chef special spices, tomato base sauce finished with onion, tomato and capsicum recommended with Naan bread. 20.90

Juicy pieces of chicken was drowned (it was wonderful) in a light but dense flavour of tomato and sweetened out with the vegetables. The garlic and plain naan did definitely compliment well with the dish. The naan itself was soft and pillowy, very similar to a pizza base (if you are a first time eater of naan.)
The garlic naan was well seasoned and beautiful aromatic flavours just wafted out as they carried the dishes out to us.


Gosht Sabzi Korma

Beef cubes cooked with garlic, ginger, tomato base sauce and mild spices then cooked with English spinach, recommended with Challow rice. 20.90

This was a mild spicy dish with tender beef and surprisingly was super juicy with the English spinach!
Have the Challow rice with it. There was a great bite to the rice, not too chewy and not too hard. The cumin seeds in it was incredible. It added a bit of smokey flavour on the tongue and was simply astonishing.


Safran Ice cream with icy noodles.  8.00

Quite a sweet ice cream with a strong rose flavour. The icy noodles was a great addition! It was sour on its own but put together with the ice cream itself was a great match.



There is also a Bamiyan at Five Dock 🙂008

Bamiyan Restaurant on Urbanspoon


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