My dreams have been realised. A festival dedicated to chocolate. CHOCOLATE. I MEAN. WHAT TOOK SO LONG?
Big thanks to SmoothFM for putting this on.

Arriving at around 11:30, I was surprised that there were not as many people as I expected (compared to Aroma festival, that is) and thankful I had room to walk. Although some stores were so crowded I could rarely squeeze in despite my tiny stature.
I know that this festival was dedicated to chocolate but why on earth would I pass up raging hot dogs and 24 hour slow cooked pork belly?
The hot dog was juicy, sauerkraut was tangy and a tiny bit of tomato sauce just sweetened up the entire dish. The bread was soft and one of the best hot dogs ever!
Guess what? They also sold PEPE BUTTER. YES.


And next to this carb loaded, amazingly-juicy goodness is this healthy smoothie store selling superfood juices and fresh coconuts.


The smoothie is quite thick and loaded with vitamins (after all the chocolate you eat, you might as well.)
At $7.50 a juice, you can bring back the bottle to her and get 50c back! What a great way to promote recycling 🙂


If you want a break from the chocolate drinking (hah!) give the elderflower cordiale a go! Its slightly fizzy and gets your palate tingling and ready for more chocolatey-goodness!

Next door is Alice Cupcakes: HELLOOOO. Vegan & Gluten-free, they also have adorable cookies. Check out those mo’s and koala heads!



You can’t have chocolate and not dip them in fruit. A classic.

Mayan Hot Chocolate
Chilli, Cinnamon…Cardamom Chocolate…cardamom chilli chocolate…you name it.

The Cardamom Chilli Hot chocolate is not too sweet and has a fiery after-taste. If you can’t stand chilli, this isn’t for you unfortunately!

050 051

Perfection Chocolates

They have a beautifully smooth and delicate chocolate that won my sister and I over. We were offered a caramel chocolate koala and it was velvety, leaving earthy undertones in the mouth.


I’d be that happy too if I was surrounded by that much chocolate everyday.


This mini dessert bar had a few quirky ideas that caught my eye. Orange, chocolate brulee tarts, and sweet shooters. The cake is pushed up and you don’t need a spoon for it. What a clever idea!

055 054

Tea Amo

Tea Amo offers organic healing tea such as Revive, Cleanse, Cold & Flu and more.
The teas are available as tea bags and loose leaf so if you want to purchase the tea. Go to:

I loved the Cold & Flu tea, where you can drink it all year round.
The double wall glass vessel is also a handy tool if you are on the run!


If you haven’t heart of IZBA, YOU ARE MISSING OUT.
Izba is located in Newtown, so if you can’t make it to the chocolate festival, head to : 579 King Street, Newtown

They have INCREDIBLE, russian cakes and you will not be disappointed. I missed out on their honey cake again. Alice is sad.



These madeleines were light & fluffy, but very expensive!! A pack of 8 for $15. Flavours and texture were great though.


Yes, I think we all need reminding!

Rochestor creates a PUNCH of a ginger beer. You can mix it in with absolutely anything and you will still get that sharp, spicy bang of ginger in your mouth!


Tejas del Solar: my new love.
Peruvian chocolate.

A unique method of making chocolate using Manjarblanco. It creates the chocolate to have a caramelly texture without being sickening sweet. Check them out. YOU MUST.




Apples coated with all sorts of flavours. Caramel, cookies & cream, rainbow sprinkles….

Who knew cookies & cream, and apple went so well together?

063 064

La Maison de L’Eclair

Just get them and eat them.

065 066

They also have these insanely huge macarons. Too bad I already bought some from MAKMAK. woohoo!


The highlight of my day was able to eat Jerusalem Street food. Knafeh.


Hanging out with mode collective purse.


Twice cooked semolina brulee. Not overly sweet, this was my favourite dish of the day. (it wasn’t even chocolate.) Crumbed pistachio nuts added a crunch to the gooey texture of the brulee (less creamy to the westernised one) and once cooled, tasted like cheese.



I love cheese.

I got the best of both worlds. Dessert  and cheese.

I may have passed out from happiness after wards.

076 073

And last but not least, a couple of shots from my favourite market stall holders.

071 069 070 072


Chocolate Festival: Smooth FM.

I hope you come again.


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