Wild Pear Cafe

Hidden in the suburbs (regional, I must admit) is a local cafe named Wild Pear. Overseeing some gorgeous ferns, this little cottage is a busy cafe, serving the locals of the area.
This sunny day was a cause for celebration! That is, to eat at a new cafe! Frankly, I didn’t even know this place existed and its only 10 minutes from my house!

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There was a bit of a wait, but nothing too unreasonable (we didn’t reserve a table).
So reserve a table if you want to go on a weekend!

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Iced Coffee: unfortunately lacking in coffee and sweetness.

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Falafel board: DELICIOUS.

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Linguine was a lovely al dente, and was coated with the perfect amount of sauce. There was a good sour and sweet taste from the napolitana sauce.

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Atlantic salmon nicoise was well cooked and flaky. The poached egg was over cooked however but had a great selection of seasonal vegetables to go with it. The dressing was a little too overpowering but the salmon flavour was well maintained.

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Lasagne: Roasted pumpkin with burnt sage and butter sauce.

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Chicken Quinoa Salad : Fresh beetroot and spicy quinoa is a dish full of sweet and savoury bursts. The chicken was a little tough in some parts and the salad was dressed quite heavily it soaked into the quinoa.

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The citrus tart was the perfect balance between the sweetness of the curd and the tang of the citrus. The short pastry was buttery but a little tough. There was a dash of honey on the side and was a great compliment to the dish,

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Gluten Free: Chocolate, date and almond tart. This crumbly tart hit you first with its nutty texture, the sweetness of the dates, followed by the cocoa after taste in the mouth. Soft and delicate, it was a surprise and well received version of your usual chocolate cake.

Did I also mention the view from the balcony?

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Overall: food was fantastic. Service was average, I had a lovely server in the beginning and by the end, we received grouchy, grumpy service. Drinks: Not great. Stick with the drinks in the bottles.

Desserts were winners.
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