Queenstown: The Ski Fields ( New Zealand)

A wonderful trip to Queenstown, New Zealand has just been accomplished.

Skiing, bungy-jumping, eating and sight-seeing has been such an experience.

This post will be a review on the activities with some tips and of course, food!

Skiing:Going back for sure. However, you can find cheaper prices when you are in Queenstown in terms of renting the equipment. Some of the places do awesome deals and they are definitely worth it!

You will need: bus passes to get up to the mountain, a lift pass to go up ramps and the chair lift, ski or snowboarding equipment including clothes and poles, gloves, snow goggles etc. (multiple this by the amount of days you want to go up to the mountain and voila.) It is pretty pricey but it was amazing. I went up to Coronet Peak and it is FILLED with people, not only because it was school holidays in the Australasia region but people from all over the world come down to NZ to ski in winter. It is a beautiful country after all.

Line up early or you will be waiting in line for an hour to get on the bus.

Bungy Jumping – Pricey but worth the experience. The biggest Bungy-Jumping company is AJ Hackett and they have many locations in the world and in Queenstown where you can bungy-jump.

Mind you, for the ledge, you need to pay an extra 30 NZD to get up the Skyline Gondola (located on Beacon Street) but the scenery you get is worth the return. You can also pay an extra 9 NZD to ride the luge! (worth it.)

Nevis = 134m

Kawarau Bridge= 43m

Ledge = 47m

Talk about defying gravity.


Milford Sounds: You can hire a car or take a tour which is about 179 NZD dollars with a free lunch buffet (Through AwesomeNZ/Great Sights). Take the cruise and bask in the glorious fjord. Amazing mountains, waterfall and lots of earthporn pictures you will take from it. Not only that, marine life is definitely the highlight. Keep a lookout for Seals and Dolphins!

The road on the way there is smooth and will also pass picturesque forests, lakes and mountains. Don’t forget to stop along the way for those mini walks in the forest!

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Wine Tour: Queenstown is known for their pinot noir and with multiple wineries located only 25 minutes away, its hard to resist the temptation. Famous names of Gibbston Valley, Mt. Rosa and Amisfield are only a couple around the Queenstown area. You can also have a quick look at bungy-jumpers off the Kawarau Bridge! I took the Original Wine Tour, excellent service and fantastic presenters. If you are a wine-lover, this is a must!

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Now for food.

Fergburger. Not one person in Queenstown will not know Fergburger. This is the only place where there is a line from its opening hours to closing. This popular burger joint is the Queenstown hero.

Ranging from around 10 NZD to 20 NZD are burgers and chips that are monstrous in size. Extremely great value.

Ordered: The Codfather

Deep-fried blue cod that was battered well and flaky, paired with a well balanced tartare sauce, lettuce,tomato and onion. Burger buns are baked next door (Fergbakery) were soft, fluffy and crispy on the outside.

I wouldn’t deem it as the “world’s best burger” as I have often heard but it sure is a damn good feed.

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Next door lies FergBakery with pies, bread and coffee. If you’re feeling like artisan pastries, this is the place.

Expect a line but definitely not intimidating as next door.

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Now, travelling in Alice’s world isn’t complete with a cafe and dessert!


Despite being in the town centre, it has such a homely feeling with wooden tables and stools, glass bottles in vintage milk cases and magazines sprawled across multiple tables.

Food however, was astounding. Creative and scrumptious we went back for breakfast after lunch the first day!

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Healthy start! Porridge of oats, barley and quinoa with stewed apple, brewed hazelnuts, coconut sugar

Full of crunch, gooey and crispy texture, this indeed was the healthiest breakfast I have ever eaten. The cinnamon is optional (as you see on the side) and it did make the porridge sweeter. The porridge had a good consistency through it but just a tad thick for my liking. Delicious stuff!

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Simple, bacon & eggs. Yum.

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Cured beetroot ocean trout with poached eggs and beetroot relish and potato hash.

It is the best feeling when soft and fresh ocean trout melts in your mouth. Sweetly cured and delicate, it was balanced with the crisp potato hash that was well seasoned.

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Chicken Schnitzel Sandwich. Enough said.

Crispy Coleslaw with a smooth and creamy dressing. Perfectly cooked chicken on a fresh buttery bread roll.

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Layers of banana and custard are encased in the short and crumby case, slightly hinted vanilla bean cream swirled on top with tid bits of toffee adding crunch and sweetness to the tart.

Cup & Cake.

Cupcake galore……


Selection of cupcakes…mm….

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Processed with VSCOcam

Chocolate berry, vanilla, red velvet, cookies and cream, lemon meringue and peanut butter chocolate chip.

Yes. I ate them all. Don’t judge me.

Fish and chips (or fush and chups.) are a must. Seafood in general actually. Fresh produce, sweet and flavoursome.

To leave off this massive post, just a couple of my favourite shots of earthporn.

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Processed with VSCOcam

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