The Grounds of Alexandria

Fourth time round and the landscape and environment never ceases to amaze me. Surrounded by vines weaving around wooden poles, milk bottles drape from these poles and add a vintage excitement to the place.


Of course, how can I forget Kevin Bacon the pig who famously was stolen and ended up in Melbourne. He’s such a gorgeous pig.


We also saw Chris Lilley!!! (We were too chicken to ask for a photo 😦   )


The Grounds is definitely a wonderland. Out door seating with rustic chairs and tables, garden beds of miniature statues and flourishes add a homely feel to this place.




I think that’s enough earth porn for now.

I know some of you might shoot me for saying this, but I am not a fan of the grounds coffee. It’s a little too weak and milky for me and I like my coffee strong. Maybe I should try a double shot next time.
Lucky for us (a group of 9) we scored a table and had one minute to order before the kitchen closed. Oh the adrenaline was exhilarating. (Yep, I am a freak.)

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Ordered: The Grounds Burger with fries

The highlight of this burger was the bread. A thin, crispy shell encased the outside and it is definitely one of the lightest and fluffiness bun I have ever eaten.
The meat patty was decent, well seasoned and still had some juices from the meat flowing out.
The fries. Fluffy and juicy. (Fluff all around!) they definitely picked the right potatoes for the chips. The sweet chilli aioli had a good kick of flavour but was nothing special. They did go very well with the chips though.

Breakfast burger with polenta chips

Boy those polenta chips were huge. They were the size of three or four fingers put together. Fried well but I was expecting a more smooth and fluffy inside instead of a grainy texture. The grounds also added in some cheese however it tasted like fake cheese…if that’s a thing.

Chicken pot pie


Look at that gorgeous golden colour. Peas, corn and chicken was encased in a creamy white sauce and is perfect as a winter warmer.

Now, how can we ever forget about the array of desserts glaringly obvious as you walk in through the door….

Processed with VSCOcam



That said, hurrah!! Uni has finished, my practicum of teaching has officially finished and in 3 days I am off to New Zealand!!

Sorry for the delay, I have had no internet at home for the past week.

Til then, take care!


…one more. I promise.


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