Grasshopper Bar

Hidden amongst the busy streets of George Street in Sydney CBD, lies the Grasshopper on 1 Temperance Lane. They currently have been approved to have outdoor seating and it is the cutest set up!


If you want to go to dinner, I would recommend booking. It’s only small with a couple of tables and a bar downstairs, with larger seating tables upstairs. Grasshopper is Asian inspired and let me tell you, the food was absolutely amazing.

Red Braised Pork Sliders with Pickles

Juicy and ravishingly good looking. ( Can I even say that about sliders?) The steamed bun was similar to a mantou.(a staple food from China made from flour, yeast and water. Simple huh?) The pickles seeped out a tangy sourness as a I bit into this soft delight and melded with the sweet juices of the braised beef. This had the presentation of a deconstructed pork bun. Small but oh so good.

Beef, Capsicum and Onion with Lettuce Cups

The rich and heavy flavours created a finger-licking good sensation when you eat this dish. Clearly inspired by the San Choi Bao in Chinese restaurants, I was pleased to see chunks of beef rather than mince. Juicy and tender the beff was justified as the hero of this dish.

Crispy Chicken Wings, Sherry, Soy and Sesame Dressing

Sticky sauce encase the wings, as with the beef, the rich and deep flavours indicate the length of time these babies have been marinated in. So. Good.


Tender Lamb. Hoisin Sauce with MUSTARD? I don’t know what that sauce was but I licked the entire pot clean. If you usually had the Peking Duck pancake, it would be a sweet sensation in your mouth, however, this lamb pancake had a hint of savoury and sweet which was an interesting surprise. A good one.


Cocktails at Grasshopper are amazing and also interesting. I had #99.

1 jigger of Ketel One Vodka
1 tbsp of Peach cordial
1 tbsp of fresh passionfruit
1 pony of fresh pineapple
1 tsp of orange bitters
fresh lychees

Fruity and floral. This was the best cocktail of the night. (I also had #96 and #93. Don’t judge.)


Almond Jelly

The chef is French and created more of a pannacotta than a jelly but either way it was good with me. Smooth and garnished with peaches, almond and white chocolate which had all sorts of crunch and pop on the tongue.The mango jelly is also amazing. It was so smooth and ughhhhhhhhhhhhh. Just SMOOTH.

I don’t think I have ever been more happier.

Good food. Good wine/cocktails. Good company. Been a crazy week and I am off to be a student teacher for a month!

Til next time! xx

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