Having such a stressful week it only felt right to treat myself to something scrumptious. And being the sweet tooth that I am,  I had a massive craving for Messina gelato. I am not kidding you. I freaking drove all the way out to Surry Hills (takes about one hour from my place) because somewhere in my mind (or stomach) there was a voice that kept calling out ” MESSINA MESSINA MESSINA,” 

It also didn’t occur to me it was Friday  PEAK-HOUR TRAFFIC  I was going to deal with before getting home and relinquishing myself into this tub of ice cream. I also thought I only wanted one scoop of ice cream. Instead, I purchased a 500mL tub for myself. What a load of bull. ( No it wasn’t, it was worth it.) 


Clearly I was struggling to decide between the array of flavours which meant the server had enough time to scoop out 2 flavours for me to try. Pandan & Coconut,Lychee Martini. I was sold. And Salted Caramel with White chocolate chip. That’s not even a question. 

The Pandan & Coconut has a strong Pandan flavour with a hint of Coconut. I usually don’t pick out a dessert which has coconut in it (unless its lamingtons) because I just haven’t found a dessert where coconut has been a wow-factor. However, the coconut in this gelato was subtle and balanced the biting essence of the Pandan. 

Lychee Martini: This flavour is icy and more of a sorbet. Smooth and deeply gratifying for my thirst with lychee pieces embedded in the gelato. Not sure it was my imagination but after I had a bite of this one I definitely felt like I had been drinking.

Salted Caramel with White Chocolate Bits.: Bits & Bobs is my name. Salted Caramel was DEFINITELY salted. Simply amazing. I have been to many places where I could not taste a single bit of salt in my salted caramel but Messina’s SC is just..blughhhhhhhhhhhhh. No words can be expressed on how balanced the salt and sweet was, the crunch and nibble of the white chocolate pieces, spurting out juices to cut through the salt in the gelato. Worth the 2 hour drive home I say. 


Be prepared for HUGE LINES. I felt so awkward trying to take photos between people. 

I have yet to try their cakes as well. Someone recommend me one! 



And yes, their specials are a must! 


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