Kürtősh: A Hungarian Genius

Sorry for the lack of posts. Uni is keeping me busy!

There is something about finish a 60% assignment that makes you crave cake. Or maybe that’s just me. 

One of my good friends, took me to this place and I leapt in joy. This gorgeous cake house was my place. My gem. (yes, I claim ownership. Spiritually)

Kürtősh ( Kurtoskalacs) is essentially an Hungarian pastry, also known as a chimney cake. 

The aromatic smell that floats out of Kürtősh draws every single person in. They have created a variety of toppings that you can put on these babies. Pistachios, cinnamon sugar, nutella….

It has a crispy outer with soft inner walls and something you will never forget. 


Look at those flavours!

They also have samples for you to try if you aren’t too sure. Though once you’ve eaten a sample, you probably won’t and can’t stop! Studying at UNSW and it being so close to Kürtősh, I frequently walk up to this sanctuary of mine when I want to get away from the hustle and bustle of uni students frantically running to hand in their assignments and the necessant crowding of the food courts at lunch time. Kürtősh in Randwick, is situated a little bit out of the Junction which makes it one of those hidden gems and only reachable if you take a short walk. (There is a bus stop but I do like to promote walking 🙂 )


Definitely have one of these to share! They usually cook it on the spot and takes around 10 minutes. It’s worth the ‘wait’. Trust me. 


Not only do they have bread. They have a selection of cakes, and pastries including croissants, empanadas………….Just. absolutely. Wonderful. 

And the best part about Kürtősh? The fact that you can have as little or as much as you can.So you don’t have to worry about not finishing! It’s sort of like a PAYG option…but pay as you eat?! Shocking Alice, absolutely shocking.

Anyway, as you can see, some cakes are $4.50/100g and some are $4. Depends on which cake you want of course!

Today, I went with the “Mum’s chocolate cake” and ” Dobosh Tort”


Dobosh Tort: Toffee glazed 7 layer sponge filled with chocolate buttercream.

Texturally light and full of flavour. Sponge was airy and soft and that buttercream….not too sweet and blended well with the sponge.

Mum’s Chocolate Cake:Chocolate cake topped with Chocolate ganache. 

I honestly thought, this would be the richest and most hideously thick cake. But surprisingly, the sponge was light but moist at the same time. (Is that even physically possible?) The ganache was only a thin layer but definitely enough otherwise it would have drowned out the texture of the chocolate sponge. 





You won’t be disappointed. 

P.S. I would recommend: oreo cheesecake or cookies & cream, Blondie, and definitely the Kürtősh. 



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