The Refinery Espresso

A little gem hidden on Coronation street in Hornsby.

Bright yellow chairs pop out on the street creating an open atmosphere. And as the barista gave his cheerful greetings to passer-bys, one could not simply ignore him and not stop by for a quick chat. (and have his amazing coffee)

Gathered by the morning sun, here begins the egg feast.


The Healthy Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with salmon and avocado.

Fresh avocado and salmon, with smooth scrambled eggs. Whats not to love?


Italian Scrambled Eggs: This is Hands-down one of the best scrambled eggs I have ever had in my life. Italian scrambled eggs =  crispy prosciutto, grated pecorino and sundried tomatoes within the pillowy goodness.

I also added avocado salsa on the side for $3 (worth it!)

Tangy and light, the avocado gave an extra dimension to the flavour of the eggs. (Plus I just love avocado)
There was something about the smoothless and fluffy texture of the eggs with the savoury hit of cheese and tomato that asked you to go back for more.


What also caught my eye was the sour cherry and raisin toast.

SOUR CHERRY. What blasphemy. I just had to try a tid bit of this bread. Lathered with a bit of butter, there are only words of sweetness that come out of that bread.

Savoury & Sweet.

What’s not to love?

Til the next time! xx



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