Bread & Circus


ft. pumpkin soup w. bread and organic butter, avocado, haloumi, sweetcorn, rocket and tomato salad, poached chicken, and green juice.

What this place is amazing for, is its fresh produce.

Sweet, glorious food.
I am a massive fan of organic food and this place is hard to beat. Strewn all over the side of the coffee bar are crates of vegies, fruits and whatever gorgeous tid bits they have. .

Now to the food. Pumpkin soup was pumpkin soup (not sure if this is a bad thing or not..) The haloumi was pan fried to perfection, a lovely caramelisation (do you see that colour?!?!) and not at all chewy. My sweet corn salad was HUGE and I barely made through it all 😦 Chilli in the dressing gave the salad (and my palate) a bit of kick and only caused me to load more salad onto my fork.
My Green juice was a tad bit sour but i still downed that thing anyway. Very refreshing.

I love Alexandria. Cafes in that area are mindblowing.
I also have yet to try breakfast. (drools*)

Til the next time, I go visit an old favourite or something new.

P.S. (here is a pic of Brussels) Travel-itch has set in and I still haven’t decided on a place to go!
Drop me a message if you have found an amazing cafe somewhere !




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